Environment Agency Boat Registrations

The Environment Agency would like to remind all boat owners to register their boat before using it. An outing in an unregistered boat could end in prosecution and a fine. Last month a boater was successfully prosecuted at Richmond Magistrates Court and fined to a total of more than £1000 after being caught without a valid licence.

All the money raised from registering a boat, together with government funding, is used to improve and maintain the river and lock structures. The funds also provide facilities and services at locks such as moorings and fresh water, as well as extra help at locks during the busy season.

Kim Pottinger, Waterways income team leader at the Environment Agency, said: “I’m urging people to think ahead and register their boat with us in good time. People found using a boat on the Thames without a registration may find themselves being given a police-style caution and facing prosecution, which isn’t an ideal way to end a nice day out on the river!

“Last year we caught around 300 boats who failed to register with us – which not only deprives the Environment Agency of income to make improvements to the river, but is also unfair for the many thousands who do pay. Navigating the river without a valid licence, or not displaying a licence are offences and I hope that this year more people will take note and register their boat.”

Getting registered is now even easier:

•    Customers from previous years can renew their annual registration by credit or debit card by calling the craft registration team on 0118 953 5650.

•    If you require an annual registration for the first time, applications can only be made by post. Please request a registration form by calling 0118 953 5650

•    There are three types of visitor registrations available and offer the option to mix and match to suit your river needs

•    Please visit the web site at www.environment-agency.gov.uk for more details and application forms

Checks are carried out at all lock sites and during regular patrols along rivers.  The Environment Agency regularly prosecutes those who do not pay their way.

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