Brian Nelson receives the 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award for the WAGS region

At the conference held on 26th September 2009, British Rowing was
delighted to  announce the Regional Volunteer of the Year Awards in
recognition of the outstanding commitment and dedication demonstrated
by each individual.  Brian Nelson was awarded Volunteer of the Year for
the WAGS region.

Brian has been a member of Gloucester Rowing Club for over 60 years. 
He still rows and has just won a gold medal at the World Masters in
Vienna, in a crew with an average age of 80!
Brian enthusiastically volunteers for jobs from collecting boats from
repairers to cutting up trees that obstruct the canal.  He will give up
whole days to help out and helps to maintain the clubhouse, doing DIY
jobs, organising the servicing of equipment and opening up the
boathouse.   Brian has been actively involved with Project Oarsome from
start to finish and regularly coaches junior club members, mans the
safety launch and will cheerfully tow a trailer to a regatta at some
unearthly hour if asked to do so.  He was also an active umpire within
WAGS until recently – he is a great person to have about, cheerful,
helpful and supportive – a true all-round volunteer!

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Brian Nelson