Plea for second hand boats

Lake Save 

A plea for help from Red Star Belgrade Rowing Club.

On Saturday 4th July during the National Championships at the Belgrade rowing lake there was a freak storm at the venue. In less than ten minutes the wind caused over € 300,000 worth of damage to various Serbian clubs.


The National Championships are now postponed until the end of August but there is a serious question mark regarding participation from Serbia in International competitions.

In the light of that, Red Star are looking in the first instance for two 4x/4- and the 8, all at around 80/90kg.

Given the current economic situation in Serbia they would be primarily interested in second hand boats.  Vladan Stojanovic states that the situation is such that the worst boats in many of the UK bigger clubs are better than best boats in Serbian clubs, Red Star included.  He is appealing to clubs that might be interested in selling those on when renewing their fleets, at the same time freeing racks and doing an immeasurable favour to young rowers in Serbia.

Email:  Vladan Stojanovic

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