Dame Alice Harpur School row for charity

DAHS at Boston

On September 21st 2008, Dame Alice Harpur School entered three crews in the Boston Marathon.

Lynda Higgins, assistant coach at Dame Alice Harpur School, writes:


‘We had already decided to enter the marathon before school finished for the summer break and I encouraged the girls to keep fit over the summer holidays with a basic maintenance programme. Sadly for me my dear mother passed away on July 24th. She had been seriously ill with leukaemia for a couple of months and was admitted to St. Johns Hospice in Moggerhanger, Beds.

Mum spent the last two weeks of her life at the hospice. My family and I believe the care she received from a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and cooks gave her the strength to not only see my daughter turn sixteen, but- and especially important for my dad to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Until you experience the passing of a loved one in these circumstances it is difficult to fully appreciate and understand the work that goes on in a place like St. Johns Hospice.

After mum died I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and desire to do something positive for Sue Ryder Care, who run the hospice. On my return to school after the summer break I suggested to the girls that they turn the marathon into a fundraising event for Sue Ryder Care. The girls agreed and set to work on asking for sponsorship and began the serious work of training, they really hit the ground running after the summer break but I think the fact that they were doing the marathon for charity enhanced their motivation. We entered a WJ16 4x+ and two WS4 4x.

All three crews finished in creditable times with the WS 4x A crew breaking the course record for their event. Most importantly though I am delighted to report that the girls have raised over £1800 for Sue Ryder Care’.