Birmingham Schools Inaugural Regatta

Birmingham Regatta winners 

On Tuesday 8th July Edgbaston Reservoir was host to the Birmingham Schools Rowing Association’s inaugural regatta run by the ARA Team; CDO and Team Leader Jo Atkinson, HSCT Coach Liv Pembroke, CSC’s Maddie Millichap and Stuart Redden, with safety cover provided by Peter Wright.

Lordswood Boys School, St Paul’s Girls School, Kings Norton Girls School, Selly Park Girls School, Baverstock School and George Dixon Junior School have all been attending water sessions after a very successful introduction to indoor rowing at school under the guidance of ARA Community Coaches Maddy Millichap and Stuart Redden and HSCT Coach Liv Pembroke.

Despite a week of storms, wind and heavy rain the day of the Regatta brightened up to unveil an entertaining day of racing. All races were held in single sculls over a buoyed distance of 300 metres, although for some the buoys proved to be more of a hindrance than a help!

The events were divided into Year 10 boys, Year 9 and 8 girls, and Year 7 mixed gender races, with pupils split by ability as well as age. This resulted in a few nail-biting moments for the spectators as some of the races were extremely close, and very noisy, with competitors being spurred on by their class mates cheering from the banks. Birmingham Regatta

Birmingham Schools Regatta

There were Division Championship races for all events with large entries and finals for all age groups. This produced some excellent racing, especially in the Year 7 Division 1 Final, where Connor Durant from Baverstock School came first overall after only attending two water sessions – a star of the future in Birmingham rowing!

Neil Mackintosh founder and Chairman of the Birmingham Schools Rowing Association presented awards and prizes donated by Birmingham Rowing Club


  • Division 1: Yr7A winner Ryan Sangha (GD) runner up Rajanjeet Sanjha (GD)
  • Division 1: Yr7B winner Connor Durant (Baverstock) runner up Jordan Lee (Baverstock)
  • Division 1: Overall Champion Connor Durant (Baverstock) runner up Ryan Sangha (GD)
  • Division 2: Yr7A winner Joe Ramanzani (GD) runner up Karol Kosiarski (GD)
  • Division 2: Yr7B winner Melody Overton (GD) runner up Willibrad Mbatangwe (GD)
  • Division 2: Overall Champion Joe Ramanzani (GD) runner up Melody Overton (GD)
  • Year 8/9 Girls winner Rachel Hall (KNG) runner up Maeve Canavan (St.Pauls Girls)
  • Year 9 Girls winner Hannah King (KNG) runner up Laura Scott Davies (KNG)
  • Year 10 Boys Div 1A winner Nathan Brown (Lordswood) runner up Tejdeep Maju (Lordswood)
  • Year 10 BoysDiv 1B winner Rajae Forbes (Lordswood) runner up Castlav Nekis (Lordswood)
  • Year 10 Boys Div 2A winner Jahmane (Lordswood) runner up Ishmail (Lordswood)
  • Year 10 Boys Div 2B winner Aaron Qadir (Lordswood) runner up Sohail Aklaq (Lordswood)
  • Overall winner Year 10 Division 1 winner Nathan Brown (Lordswood) runner up Rajae Forbes (Lordswood)
  • Overall winner Year 10 Division 2 Jahmane (Lordswood) Sohail Aklaq (Lordswood)
  • Winner and Overall Champion Year 10 – Jahmane (Lordswood) runner up Nathan Brown (Lordswood)

Many of these pupils have now joined Birmingham Rowing Club and the next stage of this inner city rowing project is a massive fundraising operation which will be underway soon to raise the funds needed to completely redevelop the club and boathouse facilities shared by Birmingham Rowing Club, Birmingham Schools Rowing Association, Birmingham University and Birmingham Canoe Club.