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October November Rowing & Regatta magazine

Vicky Thornley: One body, one life

Exclusive interview with British Rowing Chairman Mark Davies

The three rs: rest, refuelling and recovery for rowers

Former GB Rowing Team physiologist Craig Williams provides advice on how you can reap more rewards from your training sessions

Strawberry seeded smoothie

A great smoothie to help you recover after long winter outings

Who sits where in a rowing eight?

How do rowing coaches decide which rower to put in which seat? Coach Consultant Robin Williams delves into the mysteries of the racing eight

Grilled mackerel with pesto, edamame beans and spinach

Packed with nutrients, this mackerel recipe is a great way to top up your vitamin D supplies this winter


Row Yourself Home with Minerva Bath Rowing Club’s latest video

Minerva Bath rowers have their own club song on video, released recently. Read on to find out how the stirring Row Yourself Home came about #YourStories

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Rowing & Regatta #111: what’s in your December 2018 / January 2019 magazine

Look out for the next issue of Rowing & Regatta magazine on health and fitness – out soon!

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Olympic rower Vicky Thornley’s top tips for a great night’s sleep

Poor quality sleep can affect your training and performance. Olympic silver medallist Vicky Thornley shares her strategy for a rejuvenating night’s sleep

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Why rowing and exercise is good for your brain

Dr Gareth Turner, Physiologist with the GB Rowing Team, explores the science on why keeping active has physical and mental benefits

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Coaches: how to provide quality feedback to your athletes

How coaches give feedback can determine how well a rower performs. But where to start? GB Rowing Team coach Christian Felkel provides advice

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Christmas present ideas for rowers from Outdoor and Cycle Concepts

With Christmas coming soon, don’t forget that British Rowing members receive 15% off from Outdoor and Cycle Concepts. Our membership team reveal what would be on their wish list from these stores

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