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How can you boost your immune system so you can keep rowing?

Rowing technique tips for tackling tail-winds

Pilates series 8# on the dynamic plank

Once you have mastered the basic plank, the dynamic plank is a great way to strengthen your obliques. Wendy Davies explains

Pilates series 7# – squats and lunges

Wendy Davies suggests three exercises to improve your stability and alignment when land training

Pilates series 6# on core strength

Wendy Davies shares exercises that will turn your core weaknesses into strengths

Pilates series 5# – the outer core muscles

Working the outer core will contribute towards an efficient stroke. Wendy Davies explains how


Pilates series 4# on shoulder stability

Shoulder stability is vital for an efficient rowing stroke. Wendy Davies explains more

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Pilates series 3# on improving stability

Wendy Davies suggests three great exercises to help you generate more power per stroke

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Pilates series 2# on rowing machine posture

Pilates exercises can help improve your posture when you’re training on the rowing machine. Wendy Davies explains how

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Pilates series 1# on core strength

Did you know that Pilates can make you a stronger rower? A chartered physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor, Wendy Davies focuses on core strength below

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Pilates exercises for winter training

Wendy Davies suggests three exercises to strengthen your body, avoid injury and improve your rowing, whether you currently have access to the machine or not

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Training: is it better to exercise alone or online with your clubmates?

With clubs closed because of coronavirus (COVID-19), the GB Rowing Sport Science Team reviews a survey relevant to training at this time

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