Webinars covering a wide range of topics for various sections of the rowing community


Most of these webinars took place during lockdown and the subsequent coronavirus restrictions from 2020-2021.

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Developing coxes – top tips for clubs
📽️️ Video on BR+

The panel, chaired by Loretta Williams, will answer questions, drawing on experience, around topics such as training, competencies, roles and responsibilities and selection of coxes.

🗣️ Speakers: Ro Price (Cantabrigian RC), Patricia Carswell (@girlontheriver)

Coaches Corner – The principles of training programme periodisation – a coach’s reflection
📽️️ Video on BR+

In this webinar, Dan Harris will talk about the processes he uses to write training programmes for athletes who’s abilities range from beginners to GB standard. Special consideration will be on what things influence the change of exercise prescription during the season. Register now for what will be a really informative session.

🗣️ Speaker: Dan Harris (British Rowing – World Class Start Coach)

An insight into a coach’s journey

James Harris (Coach of the Silver Medal GB W8+ at Rio 2018) talks to Martin Cross Olympic Rower and World Rowing commentator about the threads of his journey; Coaching, Personal and Education and how he has found a balance in his life to succeed along the journey.

Speakers: James Harris (GBRT High Performance Coach ) and Martin Cross (Olympic Rower and World Rowing commentator)

📽️ Video

Clean Sport

iRowClean Webinar

📽️️ Video on BR+

Following the World Anti-Doping Agency Code change on 1 January 2021, this webinar provides members of the rowing community with an update as to what these changes may mean for them.

The 1-hour session also includes reminders as to the tools available to ensure you, or rowers that you support can stay clean and keep rowing fair for everyone.

🗣️ Speakers: Anthony Sheppard (UK Anti-Doping National Trainer), and Jacqui Traynor (British Rowing Anti-Doping and Integrity Officer)

Club Development and Inclusivity

Club Development – Preparing your club for newcomers

📽️️ Video on BR+

This panel discussion will focus on the pro’s and cons of running a Learn to Row programme with expertise from three clubs who are running the programme successfully. We will also explain how your club can get involved with the relaunch the Learn to Row programme in 2021

🗣️Panellists: Tim Morris (Durham ARC), Kathyrin Carlyle (Bewdley RC) , Peter Forrest  (Peterborough City RC)

Coaches Corner: Welcoming Challenge (More than boat speed)

📽️️Video on BR+

Richard Fryer is a Registered Psychologist in Australia and holds a Masters’ Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Originally from the UK, Richard spent ten years as a rowing coach and was a driving force behind the creation of Leeds Rowing Club in 2006. Richard currently provides performance psychology services to Australia’s Olympic Archery Team, the Sunshine Coast Lightning professional netball team and the Queensland Academy of Sport. He also works as a senior consultant to the Australian Institute of Sport in the area of coach and athlete education. Richard has provided support to athletes and coaches at World Championships, Olympic Games, Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.

This webinar will explore some of the communication imperatives of coaching that will help you to have more effective conversations and build successful performance environments whatever age or level of experience you are working with.

🗣️ Speakers: Richard Fryer (Principal Psychologist)

Club Development – Recreational rowing on the water for all for fun, fitness, family & friends
📽️️ Video on BR+

Our expert panel introduces and demystifies recreational rowing’s many attractions for clubs and rowers. Panellist will lift the lid on different recreational rowing activities, where to find out about more about them, and how to get involved to help our return to the water in 2021.

🗣️ Speaker: John Turnbull (Chair of British Rowing Recreational Rowing Committee) Jon Burgess  (Weyfarers RC), Piers Johnson (Lea RC),  John Clay  (Fulham Reach BC), Pamela Walton (Hexham RC), Frances Kemp (Chair Explore the Broads), Richard Berkley (Goring Gap BC), Caroline Turnbull (Secretary RRC)

Together we can: Include more people

📽️️ Video on BR+

This panel discussion will consider the importance of diversity and inclusion across all rowing clubs, and the small changes that could lead to a big difference in culture and accessibility in your club. Jacqui Traynor, British Rowing’s Anti-Doping and Integrity Officer, and previously deaf rower, will discuss with other coaches and rowers their work to embrace individuals across the spectrum of diversity, and break down the barriers in front of age, disability, BAME, socio-economic backgrounds and LGBTQ+. At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the speakers.

🗣️ Speakers: Nick Steel (Club Captain, and Adaptive rowing coach, Maidenhead RC),  Steve Bloyce (Athlete at Maidenhead RC), Miki Lee Dale (Community Learning and Development Coach, Clydesdale ARC), Jess Harris (HRRCT Coach – Dorney Boat Club), Aba Carboo (Club Captain, Putney Town Rowing Club) & Emma Diserens (Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at EngineeringUK and rower/cox at Putney Town Rowing Club)

Together we can: Invisible Barriers

📽️️Video on BR+

This panel discussion will look at how to break down the socio-economic barriers for people joining your club. Speakers from various clubs will look at opportunities to support more members into their clubs from low-economic backgrounds. Looking at opportunities such as pupil premiums and hardship funds but also looking at measure’s clubs can take to keep costs low whilst also offering alternative payment options.

🗣️  Speakers: Ciarán Longmore (Rowing Coach, The GORSE Boat Club),  Deva Mitra (Rowing Coach, Lea Rowing Club), Amy McCarthy (HRRCT Coach, City of Sunderland RC)

Rowing Technique

Technical Spotlight: The Sculling Frontend

Between them, Mark and James have coached the last three winning Henley Royal Regatta Fawley Challenge cup crews; Mark with The Windsor Boys School in 2017 and 2018 and most recently James with Leander Club in 2019.  In this webinar, they discuss their thoughts on the sculling front end and how little movements can make a huge amount of difference.

Speakers: Mark Wilkinson (Head Coach at The Windsor Boys School) & James Loveday (Performance Development Coach – Paralympic Programme)

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers

Technical Spotlight: The Finish (Part 1)

📽️️Video on BR+

In this first of two webinars Ryan Demaine explores the finish of the rowing stroke and the movement variations that can be seen across different crews.

🗣️ Speakers: Ryan Demaine (Performance Director, Headington School Oxford Boat Club)

Technical Spotlight: The Finish (Part 2)

📽️️Video on BR+

Moving on from the last Technical Spotlight webinar, Ryan covers the technical drills that will help athletes improve their feel and accuracy around the finish. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready as there are sure to be many takeaways to try out next time you or your athletes are out on the river.

🗣️ Speakers: Ryan Demaine (Performance Director, Headington School Oxford Boat Club)

Technical Spotlight: Sweep Rowing

Hugo and Richard bring their vast amount of experience and technical knowledge to give athletes, coaches and anyone else interested in moving a sweep boat tips and tricks in how to improve their ability.

Speakers: Hugo Gulliver (Chief Coach, University of London BC) and Richard Chambers (Women’s High Performance Coach, Oxford Brookes University BC)

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Assessing Movement Patterns

This session looks at how you can assess your movement patterns and gives tips on how to analyse it at home thinking about how this affects the rowing stroke.  Looking at deviations from the gold standard and stressing where the issue may originate from.

Speakers: Rachel Hooper, Head of Rowing Grange School, Women’s Training Day Lead Coach (NW) and Regional Coaching Commissioner (NW), DiSE Consultant & Coach Educator

📽️️ Video
️🖥️ Presentation (Part 1 / Part 2)
Questions and Answers

Talent Development

Women’s Development Programme Explained (🔓)

📽️️Video on Women’s Development Programme Page

The Women’s Development Programme is British Rowing’s development programme to support female rowers and their coaches. Join British’s Rowing’s Head of Performance Talent as we walk through the Women’s Development Programme and find out if it’s something you’d like to get involved with either as a rower or a coach!

🗣️ Speakers: James Andrews (Head of Performance Talent)

A Conversation with: Robyn Hart-Winks (🔓)

📽️️Video on BR+

Robyn Hart-Winks learnt to row as a beginner at Edinburgh University Boat Club before going on to represent Great Britain at the World Rowing Championships in 2017. After giving Beach Sprints a try for fun with some friends in 2018, Robyn went on an incredible journey which saw her become a Commonwealth Rowing Champion and World Rowing Silver Medallist in this exciting new format. Join Lee Boucher as he chats with Robyn about this unique journey through the sport, reflecting on the key transition points and looking ahead to the future.

🗣️ Speakers: Robyn Hart-Winks (GB and Scotland international rower, multiple medallist at HIR, Commonwealth and World level) with host Lee Boucher (Scottish Rowing, Head of Performance Pathway)

An Athlete’s Journey with Jessica Leyden

Jess Leyden is one of the country’s most promising young rowers having won World Championships gold at both junior and U23 level. She has made a rapid rise through the ranks and has two seasons in the senior squad under her belt. Join Loretta Williams as she chats with Jess, the first ever GB rower to win an international women’s single scull title, about her rowing career to date.

Speaker: Jessica Leyden (Current GBRT Women’s Squad, 2017 World Rowing Bronze Medalist, 2016 World U23 Rowing Gold Medalist and 2013 World Junior Gold Medalist) with host Loretta Williams (British Rowing Programme Manager – DiSE and Level 4)

📽️️ Video

Rower Development

Rower Development: Female Athlete Health

📽️️ Video on BR+

Almost 50% of exercising women consider their menstrual cycle to have a negative impact on exercise and performance. In this webinar, Sarah Moseley, Lead Physiologist of the Great Britain Rowing Team will look at how the support team of a female athlete may need to understand some specific matters in relation to Female Athlete Health. Including; the menstrual cycle, breast health, and low energy availability and relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S). Please feel free to put forward any questions you may have prior to the webinar on the sign-up form.

🗣️ Speakers: Sarah Moseley (GBRT Lead Physiologist)

Rower Development: Masters Rowing

📅 19:00, 25 November |  📽️️ Video on BR+

Rosie Mayglothling OBE is well renowned within rowing circles, gaining an OBE for her services to rowing earlier this year. Currently, a member of the FISA Executive Committee Rosie worked for British Rowing for many years across a wide range of programmes from gender equality to coach education.

An experienced coach at international level Rosie has long-term experience of working with masters rowers. Rosie will explore how masters rowing has changed over the years and will address areas such as technique, boat set up, training, importance of cross-training, strength and power and mobility.

🗣️ Speakers: Rosie Mayglothling OBE (World Rowing Executive Committee)

The Rower Development Guide Explained

Join us as we introduce you to the new and improved updated version of the Rower Development Guide. In this session, we’ll talk through setting up the unique guide and some of the content contained within.

Speakers: James Andrews, Head of Performant Talent & Peter Sheppard, Chief Coach (U23s & Juniors)

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers

Lockdown Webinar Series

Dealing with Uncertainty

📽️️ Video on BR+

The Covid19 health crisis continues to create uncertainty across the rowing community. We know that the crisis has affected the physical and mental health of those directly and indirectly affected by the crisis. Jurg and Sophie discuss dealing with uncertainty and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

🗣️ Speakers: Jurg Gotz (Coach Developer for the GB Rowing Team), Sophie Bashford (GB Rowing Team Psychologist)

Coronavirus: Return to Coaching

The second webinar in our Return to Rowing series is focusing on coaches and anyone in a club who manages and supports coaches. The webinar will give you the chance to ask questions about how clubs can support their coaches, how coaches are reacting to government guidance and the challenges of returning to coaching, with some advice and experiences from our coaching panel.

Speakers: Kate O’Sullivan (Deputy Chair British Rowing), Pete Sheppard (Chief Coach U23’s and Juniors), Vicky Parry (Chair National Coaching Committee) & Rachel Hooper (Coach Developer and Regional Rep North West Region)

📽️ Video
🖥️ Presentation
💁Handouts, 🚴‍♂️Review your Coaching Sessions, 💻Coaching People Online

Playing your part: Getting your club back up and running safely.

In this webinar, you will hear stories from clubs about how their members have volunteered to help people get back out on the water and what you can do for yours.

Speakers: Marieke Bal (BR Head of Membership), Nick Steel (Maidenhead RC),  Darrel Samanjoul (WAGS & Avon County RC) & Kathyrn Carlyle (Bewdley RC)

📽️ Video
🖥️ Presentation |

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

With the entire globe weathering COVID-19, it’s important now more than ever we look to maintain our hygiene to stay healthy and happy! Join Perse as she looks at potential dangers around hygiene commonly associated with rivers and rowing. Including how you can help reduce the likelihood of illness in yourself and prevent spreading to others.

Speakers: Persephone Wynn (Course Manager – Senior Club Coach)

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers
📄 Sepsis
✋ Dealing with blisters

Returning to rowing – your chance to ask questions

Last week we published our latest guidance for clubs on considerations for a return to rowing. The guide will be updated as further advice and information becomes available. We recognise this is a tricky time for clubs and we hope that this advice has been helpful for you. To help you further, we have scheduled a webinar with a panel of experts from British Rowing. This webinar will give you the opportunity to ask questions of our panel about coronavirus, the advice for clubs and how the next steps will be managed.

Speakers: Andy Parkinson (British Rowing CEO), Dr. Ann Redgrave (Chief Medical Officer) and Nick Hubble (Chair, Sport Committee)

📽️️ Video, Questions & Answers

Confidence: is it real or is it all in our minds? Ten practical and realistic steps that we can all take to focus on the mental side of rowing.

We all know that mental skills in sport are as important as the physical side of rowing. Finding out how to push yourself through the pain barrier, learning how to work in a crew, preparing to get the most out of yourself when racing and figuring out how to balance sport, life and work are all processes that we develop for ourselves and learn how to get better at. But did you know that even at the very top level of sport, elite athletes from across all sports will still struggle with questions about how best to train and compete? In this webinar, Olympic silver medallist and two-time World Champion Annie Vernon (author of Mind Games: Determination, Doubt and Lucky Socks – An Insider’s Guide To The Psychology Of Elite Athletes – 2019) will unpick the mental side of rowing and show how it’s both absolutely critical for performance – and is also a lot easier than simply trying to train harder and fit more sessions into the week.

Speaker: Annie Vernon (Olympic silver medallist and two-time World Champion, Author of Mind Games: Determination, Doubt and Lucky Socks – An Insider’s Guide To The Psychology Of Elite Athletes  – 2019)

📽️️ Video
❓ Questions and Answers

The trials and tribulations of turning athletes from other sports into rowers

People from other sports can offer power and athleticism. In this webinar, World Class Start share some of their thinking, practises and experiences in making these people rowers and integrating them into crews.

Speaker: Tom Young (World Class Start Coach – Strathclyde Park) & Helen Brown (World Class Start Coach – Twickenham)

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Questions and Answers

Nutrition for Rowing

This session will look at how nutrition can support your training and performance, health and wellbeing. Tania, a lecturer in nutrition from the University of Bath, will discuss the importance of nutrition as part of the athlete lifestyle, discussing her experiences of working with athletes on their dietary choices as both a nutritionist and a rowing coach.

Speaker: Tania Griffin (University of Bath, Lecturer in Nutrition)

📽️️ Video
Questions, Answers & Useful Links

Recovery from Training

Join Lizzie Jacobs where she will cover tips on recovery. Including why it is important and some of the key recovery strategies that can be used around training and/or competition.

Speaker: Lizzie Jacobs (GBRT Sports Science Intern)

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers

Creative Strength Training

In this webinar, Ben will use his experience gained from working with the Saracen Rugby Academy and the GB Rowing Performance Pathway to give tips on how athletes can continue to complete strength training without the use of an equipped gym.

Speaker: Ben Sheath (GBRT Strength and Conditioning Coach)

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers

High PERFORMING Coaching

Loretta Williams, Programme Manager for the L4 Programme leads a panel discussion with some Level 4 Coaches about key concepts that can be explored and developed when creating a high performing coaching environment. Discussions will highlight formal development opportunities through the Level 4 and Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Sports Practice.

Speaker: Loretta Williams (British Rowing Programme Manager – DiSE and Level 4)

️📽️ Video
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Questions and Answers

ClubHub – An introduction for new users.

ClubHub is British Rowing’s online membership management system. It is a free tool for affiliated clubs to help you manage the everyday tasks involved in running your club. This webinar introduces some key features and explains how they will make your lives easier, giving you more time to do the things you love – like rowing!

Speaker: Phil Pring (British Rowing Community Support Manager)

📽️️ Video
Questions and Answers

What’s right for right now?

High Performance Coach Nick Baker and Paralympic Cox Erin Kennedy reflect on the approach taken by the GB Paralympic Squad with the current lockdown. In this session, they will look at building a creative, functional and fun virtual team environment. They’re programme priorities for the summer whilst exploring what’s important for you and your athletes. As well as asking the question; “How Much is too much?” in regards to contact type and volume whilst understanding the individual’s needs.

Speakers: Nick Baker (High Performance Coach, Para) & Erin Kennedy (Cox of the Gold Medal winning PR3 4+ from the 2018 & 2019 World Rowing Championships)

️📽️ Video

Creative Training Ideas at Home

British Rowing’s Henley Royal Regatta Charitable Trust Coaches work in schools and clubs to develop participation activities. Much of their work centres around creating fun activities that engage and retain participants. In this webinar, they will share some of their thoughts and philosophies on developing fun activities and what can be taken from this into the home environment.

Speakers: Amy McCarthy (City of Sunderland RC), Jess Harris (Dorney Boat Club), Ellie Sadler (Star RC)

📽️️ Video
🖥️ Presentation

Lockdown life with GB Rowers Eleanor Piggott, George Rossiter & Matt Rossiter

Join Eleanor Piggott, George Rossiter & Matt Rossiter of the GB Rowing Team with host Camilla Hadland (World Rowing Commentator) as they discuss their current experience in lockdown. Life now during the changes, adaptions they are facing with training and how they are keeping focus for the future.

Speakers: Eleanor Piggott, George Rossiter and Matt Rossiter with host Camilla Hadland (World Rowing Commentator)

📽️️ Video

Tips for Improving Hip Mobility

This session moves on from the Movement Patterns webinar and looks at exercises that can improve your hip mobility and the progression of a hip mobility program that an athlete may go through.

Speakers: Steve Leonard, English Institute of Sport and GBRT Physio

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers

Checking In

The current COVID19 health crisis offers the ultimate test, to put the UK Sport promoted principles of  People First’ and ‘It’s More Than Medals’ in place.  These principles are the new currency in our British Rowing High-Performance Environment.
This session looks at how we can CHECK-IN with our athletes, peers, parents and other key stakeholders to support them in this most volatile period of our lifetime. A coaching conversation that puts the person at the very heart of it.

Speakers: Jurg Gotz. Jurg has supported Elite Athletes, Coaches and Practitioners on their journey to win medals at the Olympic Games and other major international events through 6 Olympic cycles from 1990 to 2012.

📽️️ Video
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Questions and Answers

British Rowing encourages juniors to participate in its online training. However, we recognise that relevant safeguards need to be put in place so they remain safe while participating. All juniors under 18 should read and agree to comply with British Rowing’s Acceptable Use Statement for Webinars, and should also ensure they have consent from their parent/carer to participate in the webinar.

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