Women’s Development Programme

British Rowing’s development programme to support female rowers and their coaches.



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Meet the Coaches

For rowers, this is a chance to come together with other like-minded people and create a network of support to drive your development, whilst learning what to focus on for you to develop more effectively and take back to your club. We welcome rowers attending with or without a coach.
We encourage women and girls of any ability to attend who are:

    • Part of the J15 to U23 age groups
    • Taller than 174cm
    • Able to achieve a time of 0:52 (1:44 split) or below for a 250m ergo at a maximum rate of 44spm
    • Keen to learn, develop and share experience

For coaches, this will be an opportunity to develop technical knowledge, coaching skills, expand your coaching network and share experience on developing women of all ages in your club. Coaches are welcome to attend with or without a rower but must hold a British Rowing Membership.

Sign ups for the 2021-22 Women's Development Programme

Sign ups have been extended and now close: September 27th for Rowers and September 29th for Coaches. We are particularly looking for people in the Upper Thames, Eastern, East Midlands and West Midlands regions!

Please note that numbers are limited to 12 rowers and 12 coaches for each region. This is so we are able to deliver the best possible experience to those who attend. For full information on how we will limit numbers please see here. If you have any questions please email James Andrews | Head of Performance Talent or if you’d like to speak more about the Women’s Development Programme in your region please find contacts for your Lead Coach above. 

Women's Development Programme Explained from British Rowing on Vimeo.

Practical Days:

The programme includes 3 practical days each focusing on a different area of your development:

  • Fundamentals of Power – Learning to move efficiently to perform a more powerful stroke.
  • Strength & Conditioning – Knowing how to correctly and safely increase power output.
  • Small Boat Technical Development – Discovering how to improve coordination and efficiently move a boat.

At each day, rowers and coaches will work with one of our Women’s Development Coaches to learn about how you can work to reach your full potential.

“The day was extremely informative and very enjoyable. That balance between fun and serious work was very well done.” Northern Attendee 2019

Virtual Sessions:

Each practical day is linked to virtual sessions for both Rowers & Coaches. The first will be a national technical webinar presented by a Performance Talent Coach. This will focus on the technical aspects that day will be working on. Other focused sessions will be as follows:

  • Rowers will have the opportunity to come together virtually to discuss progress, challenges and share experience with the others in your region. At these sessions, you’ll be joined by a member of the GB Rowing Team who will share their expereince of being on the performance pathway.

Meet your region's GB Rower

East Midlands Eastern Hants & Dorset Lower Thames
Alex Watson Sam Redgrave TBC TBC
North East North West South East South West
Lauren Irwin Lucy Glover Holly Dunford Alice Davies
Upper Thames West Midlands Yorkshire
Sara Parfett Morgan Baynham-Williams Georgie Brayshaw
East Midlands
Hants & Dorset
Lower Thames
Alex Watson
Sam Redgrave
North East
North West
South East
South West
Lauren Irwin
Lucy Glover
Holly Dunford
Alice Davies
Upper Thames
West Midlands

  • Coaches will also have the opportunity to attend virtual sessions with other coaches around each development day.
    • This will be after each of the practical days. These will bring together coaches from multiple regions allowing you to discuss the day and share any thoughts or experience.


“I really enjoyed the day, I found it really useful, and a good way to challenge my own capabilities.” South West Attendee 2020

For the 2021-22 Season we plan on hosting a Women’s Development Programme Camp in late July or early August 2022. (Venue & Date TBC).

The focus of the camp is ‘Understanding the requirements for personal success’ and during their time on the camp rowers and coaches get the opportunity to work with; British Rowing Performance Talent coaches, Women’s Development Programme Coaches other experienced club, school and university coaches.

On the camp, you will learn about the ethos and behaviours expected of rowers attending camps. Learn how to keep yourself in good condition and how you should be training to bring their best results. Water training focuses on bringing rowers from around the country into crew boats, allowing you to row with peers that are performing at the same level.

Places on this camp are by invite only. British Rowing staff and Women’s Development Programme coaches select invitees based on their attendance to the Women’s Development Programme sessions, completion, and results from submitted Rower Reports, as well as feedback from Women’s Development Programme Coaches and other supporting data.

Performance Talent Rower Report:

All rowers attending will be invited to take part in the Performance Talent Rower Report. The reports produced are designed to give a snapshot of the rower and enable the rower, the coach and us to give the best advice on where to focus your development.


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