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26th May 2020 Pilates series 8# on the dynamic plank

19th May 2020 Pilates series 7# – squats and lunges

12th May 2020 Pilates series 6# on core strength

5th May 2020 Pilates series 5# – the outer core muscles

28th April 2020 Pilates series 4# on shoulder stability

27th April 2020 Changes to how we deliver content

21st April 2020 Pilates series 3# on improving stability

14th April 2020 Pilates series 2# on rowing machine posture

7th April 2020 Pilates series 1# on core strength

31st March 2020 Pilates exercises for winter training

27th March 2020 Training: is it better to exercise alone or online with your clubmates?

13th March 2020 Trials and Tribulations

6th March 2020 Thames rower Pauline Rayner reminisces on the Women’s Head and rowing

28th February 2020 Coxing the Tideway head races: Phelan Hill shares his top tips

21st February 2020 February March Rowing & Regatta magazine out

14th February 2020 How can you boost your immune system so you can keep rowing?

14th February 2020 Last chance to nominate a volunteer at your rowing club!

14th February 2020 Olympic silver medallist Vicky Thornley shares four great cross training activities

7th February 2020 Weathering the storm when rowing events are cancelled

7th February 2020 Rowing technique tips for tackling tail-winds

31st January 2020 How does training in the cold affect your performance?

24th January 2020 Revive your rowing fleet with these budget tips!

24th January 2020 Memories from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics

19th December 2019 December January Rowing & Regatta magazine coming soon

13th December 2019 Rowing in bad weather and scratch crews

13th December 2019 Maximising gains in strength and endurance training for rowers

6th December 2019 Pancakes with cottage cheese, pear and banana

6th December 2019 Sleep for performance

29th November 2019 Racing at BRIC21? Olympic champion Anna Watkins provides her top tips

22nd November 2019 BRIC 19: Callum Dixon

8th November 2019 October November 2019 Rowing & Regatta magazine out

8th November 2019 Remembrance Sunday: a rowing odyssey on the River Somme

1st November 2019 Flood action tips for rowing clubs

18th October 2019 Six reasons why indoor rowing is good for you

4th October 2019 GB rowers crowned Wingfield champions on the River Thames

20th September 2019 Bedford and Star rowers enjoy success at World Masters

13th September 2019 August September 2019 Rowing & Regatta magazine is out

6th September 2019 Nutrition: planning meals for teenage rowers

6th September 2019 Eight steps to healthy nutrition for teenage rowers

6th September 2019 The Rower Development Guide Level 1: how new rowers can develop their skills

6th September 2019 Olympian Debbie Flood shares two focus points to help you row effectively this season

23rd August 2019 Planning a coaching programme for the coming season

22nd August 2019 Boathouse tips 2#: start of season checklist

22nd August 2019 Berry fruit ripple with chocolate

16th August 2019 ‘You need a psychologist for your mind, just like you need a strength and conditioning coach for your body’

9th August 2019 Boathouse tips: new season groundwork

25th July 2019 St Neots Regatta weekend – 27-28 July

23rd July 2019 Breakfast of yoghurt with figs, honey, almonds and toasted oats

23rd July 2019 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: a year to go

16th July 2019 Enjoy a great Cornish day out at Mevigissey Regatta on Saturday 20 July

16th July 2019 Goring and Streatley Regatta and River Festival – Saturday 20 July

16th July 2019 British Rowing Junior Championships: City of Bristol juniors share their regatta tips

16th July 2019 ‘To race in the Beach Sprints is more than just rowing. It is something incredible’

3rd July 2019 Don’t miss out on high-octane coastal rowing at Sandbanks Beach in August

27th June 2019 June July Rowing & Regatta magazine out now

3rd June 2019 Celebrating Volunteers’ Week, 1-7 June

2nd May 2019 What does your rowing club mean to you?

2nd May 2019 BUCS Regatta: how can you maximise your recovery over the race weekend?

30th April 2019 Olympic rower Vicky Thornley on holistic health

26th April 2019 Mind Games – Olympian Annie Vernon talks sport psychology

24th April 2019 Is your rowing club ready for the regatta season?

18th April 2019 April May 2019 Rowing & Regatta magazine is out

7th March 2019 Olympic rower Vicky Thornley on training smart

28th February 2019 Taking on the Tideway head races in London

22nd February 2019 February March 2019 Rowing & Regatta magazine is out

8th February 2019 The three Rs: rest, refuelling and recovery for rowers

8th February 2019 Strawberry seeded smoothie

1st February 2019 Who sits where in a rowing eight?

24th January 2019 Grilled mackerel with pesto, edamame beans and spinach

24th January 2019 Row Yourself Home with Minerva Bath Rowing Club’s latest video

18th December 2018 Rowing & Regatta #111: what’s in your December 2018 / January 2019 magazine

18th December 2018 Olympic rower Vicky Thornley’s top tips for a great night’s sleep

18th December 2018 Why rowing and exercise is good for your brain

18th December 2018 Coaches: how to provide quality feedback to your athletes

18th December 2018 Christmas present ideas for rowers from Outdoor and Cycle Concepts

16th November 2018 Olympic silver medallist Vicky Thornley talks cross training benefits for rowers

16th November 2018 Creating the dream team and resolving personality issues

5th November 2018 Ten tips to help make winter training a breeze

31st October 2018 October November Rowing & Regatta magazine

30th October 2018 Make your own pumpkin and lentil soup – the perfect Halloween treat

30th August 2018 August September Rowing & Regatta magazine

7th August 2018 Rowing recipe: Mango peach cooler

13th July 2018 Spotlight on Gloucester Regatta and Ross Regatta

12th July 2018 Should you take time out from rowing?

6th July 2018 Vicky Thornley: One body, one life

22nd June 2018 Danson Dashes 500m sprints

22nd June 2018 Beat the heat

22nd June 2018 Sudbury International Regatta spotlight

22nd June 2018 Molesey Regatta spotlight

21st June 2018 June July Rowing & Regatta magazine

30th April 2018 April May Rowing & Regatta front cover star

30th April 2018 April May Rowing & Regatta magazine celebrates our volunteers

30th April 2018 Countdown to BUCS Regatta

30th April 2018 Exclusive interview with British Rowing Chairman Mark Davies

24th March 2018 Meet Iain Mandale, President of Oxford University Boat Club

24th March 2018 Meet Daphne Martschenko, President of Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club

24th March 2018 Clare Balding on presenting the Cancer Research UK Boat Race

20th March 2018 Televising the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

7th March 2018 Coxing maestros of the Tideway

2nd March 2018 Head racing: mind over matter

2nd March 2018 Head racing tips for the Tideway

23rd February 2018 February March Rowing & Regatta magazine on head racing out 23 February

16th February 2018 Recycling Northwich Boathouse helps raise funds for new boathouse

9th February 2018 Head race season spotlight at Trafford Head

21st December 2017 Why it’s important to be healthy as well as fit

21st December 2017 Three different sports to spice up your training camps

21st December 2017 Alternative training camp ideas: Hiking

21st December 2017 Alternative training camp ideas: Skiing

21st December 2017 Alternative training camp ideas: Cycling

20th December 2017 How a pen and paper can improve your training gains

20th December 2017 Is coaching an art or a science?

20th December 2017 What’s in the December/January edition of Rowing & Regatta?

19th December 2017 Why it’s important to take a proper holiday

18th December 2017 How engaging your gluteal muscles can improve your rowing stroke

2nd November 2017 October November Rowing & Regatta magazine on indoor rowing out 3 November

6th October 2017 Maximise your rowing performance this season

31st August 2017 August September Rowing & Regatta magazine out on September 1

30th March 2017 Martin Gough’s five most memorable university Boat Races of the last ten years

28th March 2017 A glossary of rowing lingo

22nd March 2017 How to find the perfect rowing/life balance

13th March 2017 Eight healthy habits for rowers

7th March 2017 Top head racing tips to give you the edge on the Tideway

3rd March 2017 Perfect your technique: when is the right time to open your hips?

1st March 2017 Maximise your training: tips for combining strength and endurance programmes

28th February 2017 Omar’s buttermilk pancake recipe

23rd February 2017 Rowing & Regatta 100th edition preview: 100 years of boat design

23rd December 2016 Should your diet change as you get older?

23rd December 2016 Seven ways a cox can help their crew during indoor training

23rd December 2016 The science behind a safe, strong rowing technique

23rd December 2016 Is it better to exercise alone or with your club mates?

23rd December 2016 How to get the most out of your training camp

23rd December 2016 Improve your nutrition to boost your performance

15th April 2016 Déjà vu and the importance of visualisation

8th March 2016 Row Better

3rd February 2016 Row Better – R&R Archive

14th January 2016 Row Better

14th December 2015 Handling Success and Mixing it Up

13th November 2015 Did you see the hazard spotting quiz in Rowing and Regatta?

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15th June 2015 Improving Performance Naturally

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24th February 2012 Rowing & Regatta is in the post!

13th September 2011 Avoiding and managing seasonal illness

26th January 2010 Ask the Coach

14th October 2009 Sibling rivalry

30th January 2009 The Point of the Racing Status changes

27th October 2008 What makes a good coach?

23rd April 2008 Student Ross Davenport wins Janousek

20th March 2008 New editor for Rowing & Regatta

16th September 2007 Is Competition Good or Bad for Young People?