Success in the ‘Peoples Millions’ for Doncaster Rowing Club


Adam Manson, Club Captain of Doncaster Rowing Club, has sent his thanks to all who voted for the club’s project last week – 

“We were successful in our Peoples Million Lottery Grant and yesterday I was given a cheque by the Big Lottery to the tune of £36,000 to shore up our Doncaster Rowing Club Community Coach Project which will run out from January 2015. The cheque was presented to me yesterday afternoon at our boathouse in Hexthorpe Park by ITV Calendar news and it was recorded live for the evening edition of the Calendar 6 o’clock news. This can be viewed on the Peoples Million Lottery website.

Thank you all for the massive support you gave us on the voting and for getting your friends and families involved.

Now we have the hard work ahead of us to implement the Project, to find a suitable Coach and to drive Doncaster Rowing Club further forward!

Thanks also go to all the Rowing Clubs, Universities, BR, Yorkshire Rowing Council, DMBC, South Yorkshire Sport, Facebook and Twitter followers that voted on our behalf and made the final count in favour of Doncaster Rowing Club. To all the others that voted and I have not mentioned here, a personal note of thanks.

Well done to everyone and a massive thank you on behalf of Doncaster Rowing Club.”