Strathclyde to host Commonwealth Rowing this weekend

Strathclyde Park will play host to the Commonwealth Rowing Championships this weekend, with the Home Nations set to take on rowers from established and developing nations across the world.

Rowing on a 1500m course rather than the standard 2000m course, the event will test the rowers’ versatility. In an interesting and innovative format, each rower will need to be ready to compete in both sculling and sweep-oar events, and the openweights will combine with the lightweights to form a men’s four and women’s quadruple scull boats.

Racing takes place from 07.30- 15.30 on Saturday and Sunday, with the English squad set to compete in the men’s and women’s open and lightweight single and double, the men’s and women’s open pair and the lightweight men’s pair. The squad will then mix and match lightweights and open weights to race in the open men’s four and the open women’s quadruple scull. 

England’s twelve selected rowers, named below, will compete at the event as part of their growing exposure to international competition through the England performance pathway, supported by Sport England.

“For all of the home nations, it is important that we use these international performance opportunities well to give our young rowers the chance to experience racing under pressure,”  said Sir David Tanner, Performance Director for the GB Rowing Team. “Many leading rowers have used this event in the past as a first rung on the international ladder.”

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England Squad

Open Women
Sam Courty (Bath Univ BC/Alnwick/07.01.1993)
Emily Ford (Newcastle Univ. BC/Holmes Chapel/08.11.1994)
Pippa Whittaker (Leander Club/Henley on Thames)

Non-Travelling Spare: Katie Bartlett (Nottingham RC)

Lightweight Women
Yamsin Marks (Nottingham RC/Derby/22.01.1992)
Francesca Rawlins (Mortlake A&Alpha RC/Uckfield, East Sussex/08.07.1986)
Nicola Spencer (Nottingham RC/Nottingham/04.12.1986)

Non-Travelling Spare: Miriam Jones-Walters (Wallingford RC)

Coach: Ian Roots

Open Men
Tom Barras (Cardiff Univ BC/Staines/07.01.1994)
Dan Clift (Isle of Ely BC/Torpoint/15.06.88)
Robbie Massey (Cardiff Univ BC /Shrewsbury/14.12.1992)

Non-Travelling Spare: Richard Clarke (Univ of London BC)

Lightweight Men

Matthew Bedford (University of London, Maidenhead/21.01.1991)
Nick Buckle (Leander Club/Twyford/24.05.1992)
John Hale (Isle of Ely BC/Girton/28.02.1988)

Non-Travelling Spare: George McKirdy (Nottingham & Union RC)

Coach:  Dan Harris