Warrington hosts first Sunday League event

On Sunday 15th June, Warrington Rowing Club hosted the first Sunday League event in the North West region.

Warrington are one of three North West clubs who benefitted from a funding packages for stable wide beamed boats as part of the Explore Rowing project.

The Sunday League series has taken off in the North East of the country, and the North West would love to buy into some of that success – offering those recent graduates from Learn to Row courses and others who are not driven by traditional competition the chance to do something competitive… but not too serious; often the quality of the barbeque and the banter is as important as the quality of the racing!

Lancaster John O’Gaunt, Runcorn and Hollingworth Lake all joined Warrington to indulge in a 300m ‘Splash & Dash’ round robin event in both stable quads and stable doubles, and it was great to see that although Hollingworth won all three of their quad races, each club won at least one race.

With Bradford Amateur and Trafford having both expressed interest in joining the next event and Runcorn and Warrington working together to develop a second event at Runcorn, hopefully the Sunday League will develop as a fun addition to the options presented to all rowers in the future.

Find out how you can try a new way to row with Explore Rowing – www.explorerowing.org.

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