Row Safely

British Rowing reminds rowers everywhere to be safe and assess risks at all times before and during outings.

Flood waters have subsided in many areas but not all and with some major events taking place this week, British Rowing is issuing this safety reminder to all rowers.

A number of recent incidents have demonstrated that rowers are still being caught out by the severe strength of flow of rivers, finding themselves swept onto moorings and piers and, recently, a weir.

The PLA recently reminded all Thames users that the heavy rain has caused strong and fast flows and has taken steps to highlight the hazards for rowers.

More information about the PLA’s new ebb tide flag warnings is available here:

The Head of the River site also carries advice for competitors and information about the Ebb Tide Flag warning:

The Schools’ Head of the River committee has been closely monitoring conditions and there is comprehensive safety advice to entrants on its website:

Wishing all our competitors a safe and successful season!