RNLI alert for Rowers on Tideway

British Rowing has been advised that the RNLI Lifeboat station at Chiswick has had its busiest January ever with around 20 incidents so far, resulting in 16 people being rescued from the Tideway. 

Coaches should note that a quad and an octuple have been among the four rowing capsizes included in these incidents. 

A spokesman for the RNLI station at Chiswick says that a consistent factor seems to be the strong outbound stream occurring as a result of the flood water coming downriver. Ebb tides in particular are much faster and stronger than normal.

Clubs should factor this into their risk assessments, be extra vigilant and always remember to carry waterproof means of communication.

Martin Humphrys, Chairman of the Thames Regional Rowing Council, has passed on the information to all Regional Chairmen who have been asked to circulate this message to clubs who may be visiting the Tideway during these adverse conditions.

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