Important Information about the UKCC Level 2

British Rowing is excited to announce some changes to our UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing, launching in January 2014, after carefully considering the feedback received from learners and tutors.


Some elements will be removed from the award and be delivered as separate pre-requisites, with the addition of two eLearning resources available on RowHow.

What are the benefits of making these changes?

  • Learners will have more time to spend on practical coaching activities during the course.
  • Tutors will have more time to spend with learners on a one-to-one basis, giving them invaluable feedback.
  • Some of the content of the Level 2 is so fundamental to any rowing activity that we felt it should be more widely available.
  • Learning options are more flexible; our eLearning courses can be done when you choose, at home and the pre-requisites are valid for three years.
  • Learners will feel motivated to follow best practice and keep skills up-to-date.

What are the changes?

  • We have rescheduled the course to allow more time to practise coaching skills on the water.
  • We have removed Capsize & Man Overboard to allow for this change. This training will now be available prior to the course. The new workshop can be delivered within clubs for all of their members instead of just being confined to coaches. Initially this workshop will be organised by British Rowing and is a pre-requisite for the Level 2.
  • Emergency Aid is a pre-requisite and will not be run as part of the course. British Rowing can recommend third party training that is available free of charge.
  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children is a pre-requisite and will not run as part of the course.
  • A new free eLearning module, Safety Basics, has been developed for everyone involved in rowing. It includes an introduction to Risk Management and is now one of the pre-requisites for the Level 2.
  • Cold Water & Hypothermia is a new free eLearning module for everyone involved in rowing but is also a pre-requisite for the Level 2.

Note: British Rowing recommends that these skills are updated every three years to keep them current. To add greater flexibility to the learning options, the pre-requisites can be done at any point prior to registering on a Level 2 course. There should be at least six months remaining on the validity of your certificate.

What do I do next?

Step 1

Complete the two online courses, available free of charge on RowHow:

Don’t forget to print off and keep your certificates for your portfolio!

Step 2

Book onto and attend the following workshops:

  • Capsize & Man Overboard Training day
  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children

Step 3

  • Complete your Emergency Aid training

Step 4

  • Register on a Level 2 course

In implementing these changes, British Rowing aims to improve the quality of the Level 2 courses being delivered, and in turn ensure high-quality coaching. The changes are launching in the New Year and you can book through our online booking system. If you have any questions relating to the new format, or any general questions about the Level 2 please contact the Area Education & Training Managers:

Sarah Harris [email protected] – South West, Wessex and Gloucestershire
Jacqui Johnston [email protected] – Yorkshire, North East, East Midlands
Tim Messent [email protected] – East, West Midlands and North West
Sarah Ockendon [email protected] – Thames (includes South East)

Level 2 Courses running in January 2014

To accommodate people attending a Level 2 shortly, we have decided to offer a few as a course bundle that includes all of the pre-requisites, for a limited time. Please see the Education & Training calendar for details.