October Safety Alerts

When an incident occurs in a well-managed club there is an investigation, and the learning this generates enables the club to act to ensure that there will not be any recurrences.  

In a well-managed organisation, learning is shared throughout the organisation. This enables every operation within the organisation to review what has been learned and determine whether it provides them with an opportunity for improvement.


The objective of the Safety Alerts is simply to enable all Clubs to learn from the potentially significant incidents that have happened at one Club.

Please find two Safety Alerts attached below. Each outlines an incident that has occurred and the lessons learned from it. These are the first two examples of what we expect to become an infrequent series of communications. As you will see, the alerts are anonymous – none of the clubs or people concerned are identified. The important things are the learning points.

Please consider whether the improvements described here are relevant at your Club and, if they are then please act accordingly.

If you have any questions about the content of these alerts then please contact your Regional Safety Adviser. If you have any comments about this process or know of any incidents that could form the basis of further alerts then please email [email protected].