Free Criminal Records checks for BR members

Earlier this year, British Rowing moved its application service for Criminal Records/Barred Lists checks to a new online system through TMG CRB – with British Rowing members in volunteer roles now able to apply for criminal record checks via the British Rowing website, and still completely free of charge.

The online system, which is being rolled out on a club-by-club basis, enables Club Welfare Officers (CWOs) to have greater and earlier control of the application process.

A new version of self-declaration form WG 2.6 is now available online which, once submitted, triggers an email to the relevant CWO. The CWO is then able to generate an electronic invitation for the individual to apply for their check online – a fast, simple and accessible process.

“The facility that we now provide to clubs and members is a considerable improvement in terms of speed and convenience,” said Laura Fieldman, British Rowing’s Lead Safeguarding and Equity Officer. “It has been well received and is perceived by users as representing a higher level of service from British Rowing.”


Although each application incurs a processing charge, British Rowing has chosen to bear this cost for members in volunteer roles, and so the service remains completely free for them.

Non-members and those in paid roles (or the clubs deploying them) will be required to cover the costs associated with their applications.

For more information about the new system for Criminal Records and Barred Lists checks, contact your club’s CWO.

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