Eastern Region launches new website

The Eastern Region Rowing Council has launched a brand new website, supporting rowers, clubs, colleges and schools in the East of England.

The new website, www.errc.org.uk, is aimed at improving the contact between the ERRC and its clubs and is packed with news and information, as well as hosting a forum for people involved in the sport to share advice and best practice.


“There is a huge amount of information which regularly comes across my desk on a whole range of matters,” ERRC Chairman Brian Hawden said in his welcome message. “The intention is to make this available directly to any club member rather than having to receive it second hand via the usual club mailing.

“At the same time, we want to become the voice of all clubs wishing to publicise any information about their successes and activities for regional consumption. So if you have an event or rowing success about which you would like to tell us then the floor is all yours.”

To find out more about the new ERRC website, visit www.errc.org.uk.