Directors’ Report & Financial Statements

Dear Members,

I joined British Rowing in December 2012 as Finance Director and soon afterwards became the Company Secretary too.

In the short time I’ve been here we’ve seen a number of changes at HQ, both in personnel and in some of our ways of working. In my roles I liaise closely with the CEO, the Chairman and the Hon Treasurer, as well as with the Development and Performance Directors. I’ve been fortunate to have John Allsop working alongside me on a part-time basis and his many years of experience in the sport have proved invaluable.

One of the many changes is that we are relying much more on email to communicate and so this year the Hon. Treasurer and I decided to send you the Directors’ Report and Financial Statements by email. You will find this document below together with the notice of the AGM, and the minutes of the last meeting.

If your club would prefer to have a paper copy of any or all of these please email [email protected], stating which documents you would like and the address to which they should be sent.

If you are the Club Secretary please ensure that this email is forwarded to your Club’s Treasurer too and any other members of the Committee that would like to have the information.

Kind regards,

Hazel Mosienko
Finance Director