Celebrating Rowing’s amazing volunteers

Volunteering is the core of Stratford upon Avon Boat Club and without volunteers, the Club would not exist or move forward.

“Starting right at the heart of the Club is the Management Committee,” says Jen Clements, Stratford Boat Club’s Captain. “Here we have used the skills and expertise of the members from financial and management know-how, to maintenance and fundraising ability: skills gained and used in everyday business are easily transferred across to running the Club.”

“Perhaps one of the main highlights this year has been the success and number of young athletes in the Junior Squad,” says Will Bird, Junior Co-ordinator. “We have a team of volunteer coaches who have devoted time, effort and put themselves through coaching and other training.  This has paid off as can be seen with the numbers wanting to join the Junior Squad, not only through the outreach we do in the local schools but interest from the wider area. We only wish we could do more but resources, time and manpower restrict us.”

“Volunteering isn’t just restricted to committees and coaches,” says Felix Badcock, Stratford’s President, himself the winner of the West Midlands Volunteer of the Year Award in 2010 along with Colin Upchurch who was honoured for his services as a licenced umpire 1960 to 2003; “Parent power is also harnessed at Stratford and it has been heartening to see parents thoroughly involved in the running of the Club with duties ranging from cycle repair, general maintenance, launch driving, safety spotting and running events such as our two regattas and money raising social evenings. With an influx of new members that have come into the Club through the Explore Rowing, the Club has a very wide skills set to draw on.”

“What everyone agrees on,” says Simon Picken, the Club’s Treasurer, “is that volunteering and being involved is great fun. Hard work, but great fun!”

There are just over two weeks left to nominate one of your club’s volunteers for a British Rowing award.  Whether you are a member of a school, university or an open club please write to us to tell us about your welfare officer, treasurer, a special fund-raiser or cake-baker, regatta organisers, safety officers and officials. 

Nominate here 

You can also nominate one of your tireless coaches for the Coach of the Year awards. 

Help British Rowing join Stratford upon Avon Boat Club in thanking all the unsung heroes who run our clubs and events so successfully and with such dedication.