A message for clubs and CWOs

Criminal Records/Barred Lists Checks 
We have now completed the introduction of our new online application service for Criminal Record/Barred Lists checks, which is provided through TMG CRB. A number of clubs are already using the new system successfully and, despite the odd technical hiccup, feedback has been very positive. 

We are adding CWOs to the system as online verifiers on a rolling, club by club basis, as and when requests come in for Criminal Record/Barred List checks from club volunteers or employees using form WG 2.6. Full guidance is provided. 


We are enormously grateful to clubs and members for their patience whilst the transition has been taking place, and also to CWOs, who have adapted to the new arrangements so efficiently.

All clubs must remember that it is a now a legal requirement that they ensure that all individuals have obtained a satisfactory Criminal Record and List Check before they are deployed in Regulated Activity. British Rowing does not accept Disclosures obtained through other organisations. Clubs are also reminded to follow the full recruitment process outlined in Section 5 of the British Rowing Safeguarding and Protecting Policy.

Self-Declaration WG 2.6 
Self-declaration form WG 2.6 has been re-launched for completion online. Members will now need to log in to their accounts once they have clicked to open the document on the British Rowing website. Non-members will be asked to set up an online account for the purposes of submitting the form.* Again, this request will appear once they have clicked to open the document: https://www.britishrowing.org/about-us/welfare/guidance-documents.

*There is no charge to non-members for setting up an online account for the purpose of submitting WG2.6 to British Rowing. However, CWOs and clubs should please note that the Criminal Record and Barred List check applications through TMG CRB do require online payment by card or PayPal account at or after verification for non-members or those in paid roles.

Online Application Process through TMG CRB
Once the online WG 2.6 form has been received by British Rowing, an automatic e-mail notification will be triggered to the CWO of the relevant club, giving the name of the applicant. If the CWO agrees that the application is warranted and that the other elements of the recruitment process (outlined in section 5 of British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy) are being followed, they will be asked to generate an online invitation to apply for a Criminal Record/Barred List Check.

The applicant will receive an e-mail from our service provider, TMG CRB, providing a link and instructions for how to activate and complete their online application. The relevant CWO will also be able to check the process of the application online, and will meet with the applicant in person to carry out the required identity checks, in the same way as under the previous paper based system. The CWO will then verify the application online before submitting it for processing.

Laura Fieldman
Lead Safeguarding Officer