CASC scheme – have your say!

HM Revenue and Customs has launched a public consultation on the Community Amateur Sports Club scheme, and the Sport and Recreation Alliance is keen to make sure that grassroots sports clubs are able to give feedback on the proposed changes.

The SRA – which has lobbied the government for the introduction of and subsequent improvements to the scheme over a number of years – has outlined what clubs should know about CASC and the HMRC’s proposed changes to the scheme here:


As well as positive impacts on Gift Aid, corporation tax and travel expenses, the HMRC’s proposals also include caps on membership fees and social income levels – which could have a sizable impact on some clubs and sports.

The HMRC consultation document can be found at, and clubs will be able to take part in the consultation until 12th August 2013.

Clubs should also ensure that their responses are copied to [email protected] (preferably as soon as possible before August 12th), which will enable British Rowing to feedback the sport’s overall comments to the SRA.