Thinking about Rowability?

Could your club provide more support to people with disabilities who want to have a go at rowing?

British Rowing can help your club do just that, as Rowability Project Officer Katherine Morris explains:


“It’s vital that we can offer a good standard of rowing for everyone, regardless of their age and ability. Enabling people with disabilities to row at your club might be as simple as providing buoyancy aids or an extra safety boat on the water.

“There’s lots of ways that British Rowing can help our clubs open their doors to people with disabilities:

  • Initially, we can help by going through an assessment with the clubs, to determine whether they’re suitable for rowers with disabilities – including a risk assessment,
  • We can mentor clubs’ coaches,
  • We can help their committees come up with long-term development plans for disabled rowing,
  • We can then support their funding applications, whether they’re looking for small grants or a bid for Sport England’s Sportivate funding,
  • We can help with the introduction of a Rowability programme, and then go on to help them become self-sufficient,
  • We’ll also continue to offer our support for X number of years – we’re always there for clubs who need advice.

Adapting what your club can offer for people with disabilities is much easier than you might expect, with our Rowability Project Officers always on hand to offer support and guidance.

For more information about how British Rowing can help your club, contact Katherine Morris ([email protected]) or Maddie Millichap ([email protected]).