Home International Regatta 2013 – England Team

The 2013 Home International Regatta will be held at the National Watersports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham on the 27th July 2013.

The England Teams for this year’s event have now been revealed:


Men’s Team
Women’s Team
Junior Men’s Team
Junior Women’s Team

The order of racing will be as follows:

1) LW1x 10:30     13) JW4- 12:06     25) W4- 13:42
2) LM1x 10:38     14) JM4- 12:14     26) M4- 13:50
3) JW1x 10:46     15) W4+ 12:22     27) JW4x 13:58
4) JM1x 10:54     16) M4+ 12:30     28) JM4x 14:06
5) W1x 11:02     17) LW2x 12:38     29) TA W1x 14:15
6) M1x 11:10     18) LM2x 12:46     30) TA M1x 14:25
7) LW2- 11:18     19) JW2x 12:54     31) JW8+ 15:30
8) LM2- 11:26     20) JM2x 13:02      32) JM8+ 15:40
9) JW2- 11:34     21) W2x 13:10      33) W4x 15:50
10) JM2- 11:42     22) M2x 13:18      34) M4x 16:00
11) W2- 11:50     23) JW4+ 13:26      35) W8+ 16:10
12) M2- 11:58     24) JM4+ 13:34      36) M8+ 16:20

Rules of the Regatta (including eligibility) can be found on the HIR website: www.homeinternationalregatta.org.

Requests for further information and to be considered for selection should be addressed to the Team Manager either via the website or at: [email protected].

Find out more about the England Team selection process for the 2013 Regatta.

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Men’s Team

8+ and 4x  To be selected from athletes competing in smaller boats at the Regatta.
4+  Anthony Lester, Aodhan Kelly, Pete Randolph, Will Robins, Hannah Watkins (cox)  Thames RC
4-  Kieran Clark, Richard Clarke, Will Thompson, Charlie Clark  Tyrian RC
2x  Sam Knight, Dave Bell  University of London/Molesey
2-  Sam Butler, Lloyd Mulkerrins  Star Club
1x  Dan Clift  Isle of Ely
Lwt 2x  Sam Mottram, Alex Evangelidis  Leander/Nottingham RC
Lwt 2-  Ed Fisher, Craig Turner  Nottingham RC
Lwt 1x  John Hale  Isle of Ely
Coaches: Gary Cairns; Chris Clark; Dan Janes; Dan Johnson; Tristan Mayglothling

Women’s Team

8+ and 4x  To be selected from athletes competing in smaller boats at the Regatta.
4+  Natalie Hardy, Danielle Hardy, Emily Ford, Isabella Vyvyan, Alexandra Dobson (cox)  Newcastle University
4-  Judith Schulz, Rowi Mortimer, Caroline Matthews, Elaine Johnstone  Tideway Sculling School
2x  Helen Austin, Beatrix Sheldrick  Thames RC
2-  Kate Hurst, Sarah Airey  City of Cambridge
1x  Pippa Whittaker  Nottingham RC
Lwt 2x  Anna Townsend, Francesca Rawlins  Mortlake AA
Lwt 2-  Nikki Spencer, Anastasia Watterston  Nottingham RC/Mortlake AA
Lwt 1x  Charlotte Taylor  Putney Town
SA 1x  Claire Connon  Oundle Town
Coaches: Nick Acock; Jesse Burgoine; Tom Evens; George Jones; Stan Livy; Ian Roots; Clive Whitlock.

Junior Men’s Team

8+  Giovanni Bergamo Andreis, Dominic Hopkins-Powell, Luke Wiggins, Will Horlock, Rory Brampton, Jonathan Lord, Max Lawaczeck, Alex Barakat, Liam Rhodes (cox)  St. Paul’s School/Abingdon School/Eton College/Hampton School
4x  Michael Corio, Josh Harris, Harry Hoxley, Rory Kempson  Maidenhead RC
4+  Giovani Bergamo-Andreis, Dominic Hopkins-Powell, Max Lawaczeck, Alex Barakat, Liam Rhodes (cox)  St. Paul’s School/Eton College
4-  Luke Wiggins, Will Horlock, Rory Brampton, Jonathan Lord  Abingdon School
2x  Matthew Georgiou, Lester Mount  Walton RC
2-  Luke Towers, Alexander Russell  Evesham RC
1x  Jack Rubini  Derby RC
Coaches: Jason Foster; Michael Hennessy; Sam McCoriston; Bill Sullivan; Josh Wedlake.

Junior Women’s Team

8+  Emma Boddy, Emily Paul, Ellie Osborne, Beth Osborn, Heidi Long, Erica Holmes, Anna Smart, Ayomi Rajapakse, Thea Swann (cox)  Gt. Marlow School/Marlow/Pangbourne
4x  Holly Stead, Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne, Chloe Brew, Jessica Newson  Gloucester-Hartpury
4+  Heidi Long, Erica Holmes, Anna Smart, Ayomi Rajapakse, Thea Swan (cox)  Marlow/Pangbourne
4-  Emma Boddy, Emily Paul, Ellie Osborn, Beth Osborn  Gt. Marlow School
2x  Jasmine Bradley, Flo Pickles  Evesham RC
2-  Shannon Webb, Laura Webb  Pangbourne College
1x  Gabriella Hatfield  Eton Excelsior
Coaches: Bret King; Katie Klavenes; Will Stockton; Bill Sullivan; Phil Tinsley.

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