England Team Selection Process

Any athlete or crew wishing to be considered for selection to the England Team who has not already made themselves known to the Team Manager (Jason Foster) or selectors (Seniors – Gary Cairns, Juniors – Stephen Oxlade), should please do so as soon as possible.

Candidates are sought for selection in the following events:

  • Senior Men / Senior Women:  Coxed Four; Coxless Four; Coxless Pair; Double Scull; Single Scull.
  • Lightweight: Pair, Double Scull and Single Scull.  Adaptive: Trunk and Arms 1x.
  • Junior Men / Junior Women:  Coxed Four; Coxless Four; Coxless Pair; Quadruple Scull; Double Scull; Single Scull

Senior crews should enclose a brief summary of their rowing achievements this year, and the selectors will monitor their results at selected regattas.

Results from Wallingford, Metropolitan, Marlow, Women’s Henley and Henley Royal Regatta will be monitored.

Crews seeking selection should enter the boat class in which they wish to be considered at IMI1 or Open status, and should be capable of qualifying for semi-finals of the multi-lane regattas as a minimum requirement for consideration.

Final selections will be made after Henley Royal Regatta. Junior crews will be selected at the British Rowing Championships.

Rules of the Regatta (including eligibility) can be found on the HIR website: www.homeinternationalregatta.org.

Requests for further information and to be considered for selection should be addressed to the Team Manager either via the website or at: j.foster@gwc.org.uk.

Jason Foster

England Team Manager

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