Rowability racing in 2013

As part of British Rowing’s new Rowability programme, a number of regattas and head races across the country will be offering races in 2013 for rowers of all ages and abilities who have a disability.

Rowability classes are set to be included in the following competitions:

Bedford Head (April 14th)
Evesham Sprint Regatta (May 5th)
Poplar Regatta (12th May)
Tees Regatta (18th May)
Durham Regatta (8th-9th June)
Marlow Regatta (June 15th-16th)
Henley Women’s Regatta (June 21st-23rd)
Llandaff Regatta (July 13th-14th)
Staines Amateur Regatta (27th July)
Peterborough Summer Regatta (August 10th-11th)
Bedford Small Boats Head (October 13th)
British Rowing Championships (October 19th)

Additional events offering Rowability categories can be found in the Rowing & Regatta Calendar, marked with an ‘(A)’.

If you would like to compete in a Rowability race this year, or for more information about how you can get involved in rowing, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

To find out more about Rowability, visit

If you would like your competition to be added to our list of Rowability events, contact [email protected].