Young Person’s Panel revealed


After an unforgettable year for sport in the UK, British Rowing is focusing on the future with a brand new panel for young rowers – the Young Person’s Panel (YPP).

The panel consists entirely of rowers aged between 16 and 25, representing young people from across the country and chosen from a large number of enthusiastic applicants.

Members of the inaugural British Rowing Young Person’s Panel

School representatives
Zoe Robertson – West
Holly Reid – Scotland
Theo Bakker – Thames
Ollie Skan – Thames
Sophie Behan – Thames
Rich James – West Midlands

University representatives
Nicholas Bartlett – North East
Tom Townsend – Wessex
Camilla Hadland – North East
Nora Jaafar – Thames

Other representatives
Sam Maher – West Midlands
Michael Newsome – Thames
Kirsten Adams – West Midlands

‘We received a great response and dozens of first class applications,’ said Fiona Rennie, Chair of the Advisory Group for BUCS. ‘It was very hard to make our final decision on the makeup of the panel, but we believe that those named represent the widest range of interests for young people, and we would hope that they will be supported by their friends and peers as they work to raise the profile and reach of younger people within the sport. We are looking forward to hearing their fresh ideas and views at the first meeting in January.’

One of the main areas of focus for the YPP will be to help ensure that rowing remains as relevant, accessible and attractive as possible to young people.

The panel will make an important contribution to raising the profile and reach of younger people within our sport, and one of its early projects will be to work on how British Rowing communicates with its younger members.

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