*2012 Poplar Regatta cancelled*

It is with deep regret that organisers of the Poplar Regatta have announced the cancellation of the 2012 event, owing to major construction works at the London Regatta Centre (LRC).

The Regatta – organised by Poplar, Blackwell & District Rowing Club – was due to be held on 20th May 2012.


The year-on-year growth of the Regatta has meant that some trailers have, in recent years, been required to park alongside the road immediately outside LRC.

Recent building works have rendered these roads unusable, forcing the Poplar Regatta Committee to cancel this year’s event – rather than risk hosting a sub-standard Regatta.

‘We’ve got to a point where people come to Poplar and they know it’s going to be run on time and it’s going to be fair,’ said Regatta Chairman John Roberts, after the Committee voted unanimously to postpone the event until next year.

‘It’s taken years to get to this stage. We don’t want it run in a second-rate way, and I think that’s why people voted for this [postponement].

‘The first 30 trailers would be ok but where would we put the next 30? We can’t be in that position.’

The Committee intends to plan a new area for visiting trailers before the 2013 Regatta, as well as raising vital funds to replace the existing Start Pontoon.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank all competitors for supporting the regatta in past years,’ Mr. Roberts added, ‘and I hope to see you all in May next year at the 2013 Poplar Regatta.’

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