Oxford and Cambridge prepare for Trial Eights


The 2012 University Boat Race squads are set to take to the Thames today for the Trial Eights, which will be umpired by four-time Olympic gold medallist Sir Matt Pinsent.

This will be the third consecutive year that Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs have both contested the trial eights on the same day, with Cambridge racing first at 1.15pm and Oxford at 2.30pm.


The event gives the 2012 Boat Race squads their only opportunity to race the Championship Course between Putney and Mortlake with Race Umpires, whilst simultaneously offering both sets of coaches a valuable opportunity to assess their crews in race conditions.

Racing begins at the University Stone, Putney, and ends four and a quarter miles up the River Thames at the Finishing Post at Mortlake – with Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes Bridge offering prime viewing points for spectators.

For more information about the 2012 University Boat Race, visit www.theboatrace.org.

The crews for the 2012 Trial Eights are:



  • Bow: Felix Wood
  • 2: Peter Dewhurst
  • 3: Sam Lloyd
  • 4: Josh Pendry
  • 5: Joel Jennings
  • 6: Moritz Schramm
  • 7: John Lindemann
  • Stroke: Alex Scharp
  • Cox: Sarah Smart


  • Bow: Rowan Lawson
  • 2: Phil Williams
  • 3: Nicolas Kernick
  • 4: Alex Ross
  • 5: Mike Thorp
  • 6: Niles Garratt
  • 7: David Nelson
  • Stroke: Stephen Dudek
  • Cox: Ed Bosson


  • Bow: Thomas Hilton
  • 2: Chris Fairweather
  • 3: Charlie Auer
  • 4: Ben Snodin
  • 5: Karl Hudspith
  • 6: William Zeng
  • 7: Dan Harvey
  • Stroke: Roel Haen
  • Cox: Oskar Zorrilla

‘High Water’

  • Bow: Julian Bubb-Humfryes
  • 2: Geordie Macleod
  • 3: Justin Webb
  • 4: Hanno Wienhausen
  • 5: Kevin Baum
  • 6: Alexander Davidson
  • 7: Alexander Woods
  • Stroke: Tom Watson
  • Cox: Zoe De Toledo
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