Updated Boat Licensing

The following is an update to the Boat Licensing information published on the website in November and clarifies some recent queries from members about the operation of the new scheme.

The new arrangements for block licensing supersede all previous local arrangements for licensing rowing boats, including the Environment Agency’s previously offered special price for the first seven boats licensed.  Some clubs may have received renewal notices from the Environment Agency for 2011.  These should be disregarded.


Boats will be licensed as soon as payment has been received by British Rowing.  No licence plates will be issued because your British Rowing boat identification sticker will be sufficient to identify your boat.  Please do note however that your boat licence will only be valid after British Rowing has received full and complete payment for the invoice issued for the boat.

Powered craft

Safety and coaching launches are free of charge, provided they conform to the safety regulations for powered craft issued by the Environment Agency.  However, all powered craft licensed through British Rowing must carry the British Rowing boat identification sticker, as required for unpowered rowing boats.

Clubs are also reminded that all EA regulations regarding speed limits, pennanting etc must be adhered to.

A new requirement from the Environment Agency is that all powered craft must be insured. 

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