Council News in Brief

Here’s a brief round-up of news from British Rowing’s Council meeting held on 27th November 2010. 

Raising the standards of Junior Sculling

A paper from the Junior Rowing Commission was tabled at the meeting putting forward a view that it would benefit junior sculling if the Fawley Cup at Henley Royal Regatta excluded composite crews.  The thinking behind this being to discourage ‘club-hopping’ and to encourage clubs to take a harder look at the development of their programmes for junior scullers if they wish to compete at this level.   


Council wished to emphasise that this was not its agreed view as its elected representatives had not had time to discuss the issue with their constituent clubs.   Raising standards in sculling should remain on rowing’s agenda as a matter for all events and rowing programmes. 


BUCS rowing

Divisional Representatives

All our members are represented on British Rowing’s Council by one of 25 Divisional Representatives.  The Div Reps have a three year term of office and this year seven were up for re-election.  Council was pleased to welcome one new face, Peter Simpson, who is taking over from Judith Howell in Div 19 (Putney).  Peter is a member of Vesta Rowing Club and takes up his role officially on 1st January 2011.  

If you’d like to find out more about your local contacts and Regional and Divisional representatives please go to our Clubs and Regions section or email [email protected]

Comprehensive Spending Review

Council heard that in the run up to the Olympic Games revenue funding for sport had been reasonably well protected.  The Legacy of the sport, with increased participation at grassroots level, is very important to future funding.  Sport in general will receive a 15% reduction in revenue funding from 2013 but the percentage cut for each sport won’t be the same – it isn’t yet known how Rowing will be affected.  A big challenge for the year ahead will be in managing the unexpected cut of 40% in capital funding.  The new government programme ‘Places People Play’ might go some way to mitigating this and discussions with Sport England, our principle funding partner, are ongoing. 

Race officials
Committee Reports

At every meeting Council receives Reports from its various Committees and Commissions.  In November the changes to the Rules of Racing 2011 were approved. Among the changes, which come into effect on 1st April, are points for rowers who compete in the Boat Race and 2 points to be awarded for Seniors winning races with 9 or more entries. The changes will be published on the website and in Rowing & Regatta early in the New Year. 

Updates to the Vulnerable Adults Policy were approved and are on the website with some new guidance. 

The timing of the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer was agreed – part of the succession planning for the present Chairman’s retirement in 2013.