Heads Up for a New Season

As the Head season gets underway many of our rowers move on from schools and colleges to pastures new, others are settling back into winter training …

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Keep Rowing!

The new season often means looking for a new club or even a whole new way of rowing.   Our ‘Explore Rowing’ programme was launched earlier this year and is dedicated to finding ways to help people to keep rowing, even with a busy new lifestyle.  More and more clubs are offering flexible programmes to help rowers to stay in the sport.   If you’re  having any difficulty finding a club to suit your new way of life try contacting your local British Rowing Team Leaders or you could get in touch with the Explore Rowing team and tell us how we can really make rowing work for you.

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Coxing & Steering

A successful cox and crew are prepared for all eventualities, competency in steering and knowledge of local navigation and conditions are vital at all times, but become especially important tools in rowing a successful Head. Rowing on tidal rivers with a fast stream, or choppy conditions, present new challenges for rowers used to non-tidal waters, lakes and canals.  

British Rowing’s online training forum www.RowHow.org has coxing clips, info and resources for the L1 Coxing Certificate.

The ‘Coxing a Tideway Head’ video is available to view online.

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October Rowing & Regatta to Focus on Student Rowing 

Perhaps you don’t need a racing licence any more?  Don’t forget that Silver membership is a snip at £23 a year and still brings lots of benefits.  If you renew as a Silver member you will continue to receive your regular issues of R & R, with a five-page feature on student rowing in October, insurance cover for rowing activities such as tours and challenges, as well as the new email newsletters. 

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Rowing Tips for the Head Season 

Ian Shore shared some helpful hints for all rowers in last year’s Rowing & Regatta.   Ian talks about the importance of good planning, experienced coxing, diet and fitness – it’s all relevant for crews looking forward to making their mark in 2011.  Read the PDF here.

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Learn to Row Courses

Summer rowing courses are winding up now but lots of our clubs run programmes during September.  We’re always happy to promote your Club’s learn to row courses – we can add them to your Region’s diary pages. Email [email protected]