Amputee Games 2010

Image of Amputee Games 201014-15th August 2010 was the third year that the Amputee Games have been running for and the second year that British Rowing has been there to support the games. Faces old and new were at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium which is the National Centre for wheelchair sports.

The Amputee Games have been created to offer individuals who have recently undergone an amputation/s the opportunity to participate in sport to aid rehabilitation. Sport plays a major role in the rehabilitation process of an amputee as it increases strength, core stability, balance as well as self confidence and self esteem.

The Games saw over 90 Participants take part in a range of sports such as swimming, archery, shooting, table tennis, wheelchair basketball & tennis, weight lifting and of course rowing. During the weekend amputees took part in a technical briefing and a 500m indoor rowing challenge the competition was close as they were all competing for gold, silver and bronze medals.

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