South of England Indoor Rowing Championships 2010

On Sunday February 7th 2010 the usual committed group of Hinksey Sculling School volunteers once again surpassed themselves in the Park Sports Centre at Wheatley Park School, Holton, Oxfordshire.

The Chairman of the event,Andrew Myatt, whose four boys are either current or “alumni” athletes, masterminded the whole exercise. Four banks of Concept 2 indoor rowing machines were linked through four laptops to the main PC operated by Bruce Godden.

It is extremely important to mention both C2 and Bruce in the same breath because without C2’s enormous generosity in lending us the machines to make up the balance required above our own and Bruce’s sleepless nights on duty preparing everything in the run up to race day – none of what happened could have.

This year we received more clubs entering with existing supporters bringing more athletes that ever before.

One of the “first timers” – Bishopsgate School  – carried off the Victor Ludorum trophy to boot!

Arguably the best way to show the spread of competitors is to outline the Victor Ludorum results:

1    Bishopsgate School  BC             310 points
2    Headington School Oxford BC    301 points
3    Hinksey Sculling School             267 points
4    Putney High School BC             182 points
5    Dragon School BC                    168 points
6    Eton Excelsior RC                     111 points
7    Tideway Scullers School            102 points
8    Cranmore Prep School BC           92 points
9    St. John’s Beaumont BC             90 points
10    St Edward’s School BC              80 points
11    Dorney BC                               78 points
12    Royal Liberty Lakers                  63 points
13    Ross Junior Academy                10 points

Ross’s result was achieved by two athletes. The largest entry was our own at 98. In all 492 athletes took part.

I am extremely grateful to everyone involved – volunteers and competitors alike. There will be some evidence of the day posted in due course on the C2 and HSS websites.

Report from:

John Broadhurst
Chairman Hinksey Sculling School