News Updates from World Rowing

There are a number of interesting news articles on the World Rowing website at the moment:

GB Trials and Greg Searle – In the recent GB trials winter assessment the 1992 Olympic Gold Medallist, Greg Searle, caused quite a stir by winning the men’s 1x B final.  Read the World Rowing report on his inspiration comeback.


Rowing on the big screen – Rowing is the prominent theme behind a new Belgian film to be released later this month. “La Regate” (The Boat Race) centres on the life of 15 year old Alex who has set his mind on winning the Belgian Rowing Championships.  World Rowing interview the Belgian filmmaker, Bernard Bellefroid.

A spot of cross training – If you though one Ironman was enough, take three-time Olympic rower, Miroslav Vrastil of the Czech Republic.  The 58 year old has taken his love of competing to a new level and plans to break a world record by completing 22 Ironman triathlons in one year.

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