Junior Inter Regional Regatta 2010

This year’s event will be held on Sunday 25th April 2010. The attached note from 2009 outlines the boats and events. There may be one or two minor changes with the possible inclusion of Junior 14 single sculls. The event races the region’s top athletes against each other with all of the crews scoring towards the final result. Medals are given to the first three crews and coaches.
To qualify to represent the Eastern Region, juniors will need to take one of the routes below:                      

  • Sunday 10th January 2010 Trials at Peterborough City RC. To be held over 1000m from standing start (sculling and pairs only. No sweep boats)
    Morning session: Any body wanting to single scull or be included in a composite crew needs to race in a single. The fastest single in each age will go through to represent the region. Those athletes who then want to be part of a crew and are not part of an established crew will be put into boats to race the entered crews in the afternoon. An assessment will be made by the coaches to provide the strongest combinations.
    Pairs will be raced in the morning to establish a possible selection either as the fastest boat or as a composite crew if required.
    Afternoon: Clubs wishing to enter a crew into any sculling event (coxed quads, quads, and doubles) will race for selection. Any composites formed from the morning will be included. It is hoped that any composites could race other Heads through out the season.

Sweep 4’s and 8’s


All Sweep boats (except the pairs) will be chosen from nominated crews. The National Junior Head results will primarily be used to choose the fastest crew where more than one boat has been entered. This will give schools or Clubs the opportunity to target events.

  • Sunday 21st March 2010 (may be Saturday 20th March if Peterborough Lake is available) All selected crews (sculling and Sweep) at Peterborough City RC

There will be a training day for selected athletes, crews and their coaches. This will be an opportunity to meet as a team and be coached by other individuals. The day’s main aim will be to strengthen work towards the British Rowing Technique, bond teams and practice composites.

Please feel free to contact Nigel Kippin (Team East Manager) either by email [email protected] or mobile 07833 453103.

The Championships are contested between the 12 British Rowing regions. All events will be raced over 1500-meters, with the heats timed. The fastest 6 crews go through to the Grande Finale with the others into the Petite Finale.

The usual points system will apply: Grande Finale -1st 12 points, 2nd 11 points and so on to 6th 7 points. Petite Finale: – 1st 6 points 2nd 5 points and so on to 6th 1 point. J15 and J16 single-sculling events will count double points, as will the J14 double-sculling events. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals will be awarded to each crew.
Composite crews will be allowed in all events.

Doubling up will be allowed within age bands. Please be sure to understand the racing order listed below. We expect to adhere to this schedule.

The events held during the regatta are as follows: –

  • J16: 8o, 4x, 2x, 1x, 4-, 4+, 2-
  • WJ16: 8o, 4x, 2x, 1x, 4-, 2-
  • J15s: 4+, 4x+, 2x and 1x.
  • WJ15s: 4+, 4x+, 2x and 1x.
  • J14s: 4x+ and 2x.
  • WJ14s:4x+ and 2x.

The order of events will be (all heats then all finals):

  • WJ16 1x; J16 1x;
  • WJ15 1x; J15 1x;
  • WJ15 4+; J15 4+;
  • WJ16 4-; J16 4-;
  • WJ15 4x+; J15 4x+;
  • WJ14 4x+; J14 4x+;
  • WJ16 4x-; J16 4x-; J16 4+;
  • WJ16 2-; J16 2-;
  • WJ16 2x; J16 2x;
  • WJ15 2x; J15 2x;
  • WJ14 2x; J14 2x;
  • WJ16 8o; J16 8o

Trophies will be awarded to the regions that win these categories.


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