Vetting and Barring Scheme – update

As many of you will be aware the first phase of the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) will launch on 12th October 2009. 

The ARA has produced a document to explain that there is no sports specific guidance at present.  However, we have always advised that clubs are responsible for ensuring the appropriateness of adults whom they ask to take responsibility for juniors.  Clubs and members should remember that the CRB Disclosure is itself only a part of the vetting process and full details can be found in the ARA’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy.


There will be some small changes to the way that CRB checks are carried out, although for most people these will be undetectable.

The next phase – which will allow individuals to start applying for ISA registration – will be introduced next year on 26th July 2010 but the more substantial changes are unlikely to be introduced until November 2010.

So what exactly will change on 12th October?

  • The three current barred lists (POCA, POVA and List 99) will be replaced by two new barred lists administered by the ISA, the ‘Children’s List’ and the ‘Vulnerable Adults’ List’.
  • Employers, social services and professional regulators will have a duty to refer information about individuals who may pose a risk to children and vulnerable adults to the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).  This will ensure that any potential threats to vulnerable groups can be identified and dealt with effectively.
  • There will be criminal penalties introduced for barred individuals who seek to undertake work (paid or unpaid) with vulnerable groups and for any employers who knowingly take them on.
  • The eligibility criteria for Enhanced CRB checks will be extended to include anyone working in a regulated activity with a Regulated Activity Provider.
  • For those working with vulnerable adults the current POVAFirst service will be renamed ‘ISA Adult First’ service to reflect the replacement of the POVA list.

Read more about what the changes might mean for you in the Vetting & Barring Scheme Update here (pdf)

Sector specific guidance for sport is currently being devised by the CPSU and EFDS.  We hope that this will be available soon and that it will provide specific examples from the sports and voluntary sectors of which roles are, and are not, considered to be Regulated Activity.

There are a number of FAQs available on the CRB website which may help answer other queries:

Annamarie Phelps
Child Protection Officer
September 2009