2010 South Coast Championships at Wimbleball Lake

Wimbleball Rowing Club, hosts of the 2010 South Coast Championships on Wimbleball Lake high up on Exmoor, have confirmed that a straight 2000 metre, 6 lane course for the event has now been agreed with South West Lakes Trust who manage the facilities at the Lake.

Stephen Worley who is both the Chairman of the Wimbleball Club and a senior member of the South Coast organising Committee has confirmed that this new course will be used for the first time at this year’s West of England Championship Regatta, which will be held on Saturday 18 July.The existing 1200 metre course from the bridge end up to the launching area will be replaced by the longer course which will now start right at the other end of the lake by the dam and will run to within 500 metres of the bridge.


All races at their domestic regatta will be over the 2000 metres except for the junior events which will be rowed over the second half of the course. The Regatta field is at the 1500m point where the boats and trailers are parked and where crews boat and also provides a good view of the racing. 

There is a warm up area near to the Regatta field on the other side of the course and crews will be marshalled at set crossing points to the start and from the finish. This year’s regatta will provide a rare opportunity for multi-lane 2000m racing at comparatively low cost and Stephen has confirmed that all events with two or more entries will be raced and refreshments will be available for competitors and spectators. 

For further information on Wimbleball Regatta contact Stephen Worley

The new 2000 metre course also provides a useful training resource for rowers and coaches as it offers training on still waters and enables target times to be set and times to be compared. An increasing number of clubs, universities and schools now visit the site on a regular basis and include the likes of Oxford Brookes and the Oxford University lightweight squad. Wimbleball Lake also offers coaching launches and on-site facilities for indoor training on Concept2 ergometers, camping, showering and changing as well as wireless internet connection and video playback.

It is an excellent venue for clubs or squads for concentrated coaching and training in an environment away from the normal distractions of everyday life.  For further information on the use of the lake for training camps contact Darryl Birch

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