Music Licensing Fees Consultation

Closing date for consultation – 30th October 2008 

In its August Policy Update the CCPR flags up proposed changes to copyright law which currently requires any sports club that uses audio-visual equipment to purchase a licence from the Performing Right Society (PRS).  The PRS then pays royalties to music composers. 


At the moment sports clubs are exempt from the requirement to purchase a licence from Phongraphic Performance Ltd (PPL), which pays rolyalties to music publishers.  This is set to change in the future with a current consultation proposing to:

extend the PPL exemption to PRS for all clubs with at turnover of less than £20,000 


rescind the PPL exemptions 

The consultation estimates the cost of a PPL licence at between £103 and £164.  The addition of PPL fees would be yet another unwelcome financial burden on clubs.

The CCPR is urging its members and their member clubs to respond to this consultation by 30th October.

The consultation is available here

To receive a copy of the CCPR’s draft consultation email [email protected]