Torch Trophy Trust Award 2008

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The ARA is looking for nominations for this prestigious award to volunteers.

The Torch Trophy Trust was founded in 1962 by the organiser of the 1948 Olympic torch relay from Greece to the London games, Cdr Bill Collins RN. 


Cdr Collins believed the Olympic ideal could also inspire the men and women who work so hard away from the limelight to support the world of sport.  The Trust’s aim is to encourage voluntary work in sport and other related outdoor activities within local communities and to recognise the dedication of the ‘unsung heroes’ whose contribution enables others to take part and develop their talents in their chosen sport.

We would like to hear from you if you know an individual who

  • is an outstanding volunteer in the world of sport and recreation
  • has given up their time in a voluntary capacity for a number of years to enable others in the community to take part in their chosen activity
  • has made a very significant contribution to the grass roots of rowing activities on a voluntary basis
  • has received no previous national or other major honour for their work

Please write to Rosemary Napp, ARA National Manager at 6 Lower Mall, London W6 9DJ or email with details of your nominee, before Friday 29th August.