Rugby players take to rowing for summer training

Come along and watch players from Stockton Rugby Club compete in the Tees Rowing Club’s Primary and Adaptive Regatta on Saturday 9th August!

The rugby players have been taking to the Tees in order to maintain and improve their fitness levels for the gruelling rugby season ahead.


How have they done it, and is there another Sir Steve Redgrave in the making?  The initial  offer from the Amateur Rowing Association for rugby clubs to consider recreational rowing over summer has been developed into a community-based course by Tees Rowing Club’s President, John Green, a former playing member and Captain at Stockton Rugby Club.

The Club has used the new Burgashell recreational coxed quads obtained through an ARA recreational rowing grant in the running of the course. ‘We were looking for a group of 8 -10 players willing to commit themselves to a course of half a dozen intensive evening training sessions and be willing to operate outside their comfort zone of a rugby field’, said Terry Wilson from Stockton  Rugby Club.

‘Our players have really been impressed by the professionalism of the coaching set up at Tees Rowing Club and enjoyed the whole process, even though it has been very hard work.’  

The liaison so far seems to be benefitting both sports and the start of a long term relationship.

Racing on Saturday is upstream from the University of Durham’s Queen’s campus, finishing at the River Tees Watersports Centre, Stockton.  For more information go to

Terry Wilson, Stockton Rugby Club
John Green, Tees Rowing Cllub

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