The Cambridge May Bumps

The traditional highlight of the year’s college rowing on the Cam took place between 11th and 14th June 2008 in weather that was considerably drier than the previous year.  If you are confused as to why the May’s happen in June it is a reference to the summer (May) academic term and not the month!

The men’s head of the river belonged to First and Third Trinity who bumped Caius on the first day and then rowed over for the rest of the week. Highlights among the men’s crews further down the divisions were the blades for LMBC II at the top of division 2 and Homerton at the bottom of the same division while Kings second (pictured) and third boats combined to gain 11 places thanks to the third boat’s overbump on the first day, both gaining blades.


In the women’s divisions Pembroke (pictured) bumped Jesus on day 1 and like First and Third in the men’s, rowed over for the rest of the week to be head.  The Mitchell Cup for the best college was won by St Edmund’s, mainly as a result of overbumps for their second men’s and women’s boats.

If you haven’t been to the bumps before you are missing something – it is a unique, compelling and fascinating form of racing and well worth a visit next June.

Steve Tancock