Junior Rowing Ball Cup 2008

Early May heralds the Ball Cup events, avidly awaited by the smaller schools. The southern event, now a regular Dorney 6-lane slot, will be held on Sunday May 11th. The Northern event, which rotates around the north-west, will this year be hosted by The Grange School (contact Heidi Hackett) on Wednesday May 7th.

Such is the popularity of the Southern Ball Cup now that first entries were received just after Christmas!  Last year’s entries were full two weeks before closing, so hurry up with those emails, to Graham Middleton at [email protected].   Entry conditions are on the new website at www.BallCupRegatta.org.uk.  Here you can read the fascinating history of this 1934 founded competition, sell or buy your boats and equipment on the Boat Mart page and find links to all the major rowing sites.


Linked with the Ball Cup competition on the same day is the now popular ‘Tinies Championships’, for J11/12/13s.  Extending downwards from the National Championship juniors, we now have national events throughout the age groups. Find out more by visiting the website.

Graham Middleton

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