Regional Representatives

British Rowing has an elected body of 23 Regional Representatives. These Representatives are elected by the affiliated clubs and competitions in a Region.

The number of Regional Representatives per Region is determined by a formula based on the number of registered individual members of British Rowing in a Region.

The Regional Representatives hold all the powers of the members of a company as defined by the Companies Act (e.g. power to call General Meetings and the power to vote on Resolutions). In addition the Regional Representatives also have the power to elect four directors to the Board; the Deputy Chair, the Chair of the Sport Committee and two further Directors.

The Regional Chairs, or their appointed representatives, meet at a Regional Chair’s Forum three times a year with the Chair and Deputy Chair of British Rowing to consult on British Rowing’s policies and the development of rowing.

The list of Regional Chairs and their Representatives can be found on the Regional Directory webpage.



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