Staying Safe

Staying safe all is about taking care to avoid accidents. We should all take care of our own, and others’, safety. There are hazards to avoid and we must be prepared to cope if something happens. Safety is all about what we do; it is about the way that we behave.

Accidents can happen when there is a hazard and we do not take care. Sometimes we create our own hazards, like leaving a bag where someone may trip over it or not doing a gate up properly.

Take a look at the Safety Basics online training module; it will help you to think about safety in a structured way. 

Check out the other two modules: Intermediate Risk Management shows you how to include safety in your plans, and Advanced Risk Assessment shows you how to produce a Risk Assessment. 

You can download our Risk Management template here and see a completed example here. A club risk assessment template can be downloaded here and a completed example here. For events, we have a downloadable risk assessment template here and a completed example here.

Collisions are too common and can cause serious injuries. Help to avoid collisions by keeping a good lookout and making yourself easy to see. Look at the short video on Collision Avoidance or just google "Collision avoidance in rowing".

If you are involved in an incident or even if you just see one then please report it using the Incident Reporting system. This helps us to understand what is happening so that we can provide appropriate advice. 

From time to time Safety Alerts are issued to Club Rowing Safety Advisors (CRSAs) to let them know about important safety issues. There is an archive of Safety Alerts and an archive of safety articles from Rowing and Regatta.

You can find further guidance in RowSafe. If you have any questions talk to your Club Rowing Safety Advisor. If you need further advice then contact your Regional Rowing Safety Advisor, or contact the Honorary Rowing Safety Advisor:

Remember to take care and be safe.

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