British Rowing Virtual Championships 2021 FAQs

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What rowing machine will I need to race?

    For the LIVE racing weekend, you will need a Concept2 Static Rower. For the BRVC League event, you will be able to submit a score from any rowing machine.

What are the equipment requirements to connect to the LIVE racing system?

    In order to take part in the Live weekend of racing, you will need to have access to a Concept2 Static Rower with either PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor updated ot the latest firmware, a USB (A to B cable) to link from your monitor to computer, a Windows or Mac computer with Chrome browser installed and a stable internet connection.

How do I check my connection?

    • The race system for the LIVE racing weekend will be run by TimeTeam. To confirm that you will be able to access the race system, please visit

this link

    and follow the detailed instructions in the manual provided. Please note that passing the test at this stage does not necessarily guarantee the ability to participate on race day, but the result of your test is a very accurate indicator of your ability to do so.

What resistance does the rowing machine need to be on while racing?

    Each individual may put the rowing machine on the resistance of their choice.


Does this event replace the British Rowing Indoor Championships?

    This year’s British Rowing Virtual Championships is being held following the popularity of the first Virtual Championships event held in June 2020. The event has been created to offer rowers, both on-water and indoor, another event to train for and compete in. At this time British Rowing is planning to host the British Rowing Indoor Championships in-person, subject to government restrictions allowing.

What time zone are advertised race times?

    All race times are given in British Summer Time (BST).

Are there age restrictions for the races?

    Junior competitors may enter the junior timed events and 500m. All competitors in the 100m Super Sprint and 30 minute Challenge Row must be over 18 on the day of competition.

What is the process around weighing in for lightweights?

    • Lightweight competitors will be required to submit a photo of their weigh-in on scales at home with weight reading visible along with a date (this could be by including a newspaper or the home screen of a phone showing the date) on the day of competition. For more information, please refer to point 44 of our event T&Cs

BRVC21 T&Cs V1


What are the maximum weights for the lightweight categories?

    Men must be 75kg or less. Women must be 61.5 kg or less.

Do adaptive rowers have to go through a classification process?

        • Yes, the classification process for BRVC will be virtual. For more details, please refer to point 48 of our event T&Cs


Can I weigh down the rowing machine?

Yes, participants may place weights on the feet of the rowing machine to keep it still during races so long as these do not impact or restrict the flywheel in any way.

  • Events

    Important information about the 100m Super Sprint event

    • The event is only open to those aged 18 and over on the day of the competition, 11 September 2021
    • Races will be offered for the following categories only: Open Men, Open Women, Open Lightweight Men, Open Lightweight Women, Open Para Men (PR1 PR2, PR3, Open Para Women (PR1, PR2, PR3)
    • There is a maximum entry number of 40 competitors in each of the categories listed above

    Important information about the 30 minute Challenge Row

    • The event is only open to those aged 18 and over on the day of the competition, 11 September 2021
    • This event is being run as an open, mass participation event and as such there will be no categories offered. On entry, competitors will be able to select one of three time slots for their race start time, 9.00-11.30am, 12.00-14.30pm, 15.00-17.30pm (all times are BST).Please note due to the mass participation nature of this event no winner’s medals will be awarded.
    • There is a minimum entry number of 30 competitors in each session of the 30 minute event and British Rowing reserves the right to cancel this event if the minimum entry number is not reached. Should this be the case, competitors who have entered this event will be contacted with options for how to proceed, including the possibility of moving to another session in the day.


    What is the closing date for entries?

      The closing date is 12.00pm (BST) on Tuesday 31 August 2021.

    Can I enter multiple events?

      • Yes, you can enter as many events as you want to take part in on the day, but British Rowing cannot guarantee your race times will not clash. The race schedule will be published shortly after close of entries, at which point please email

    [email protected]

      to highlight any clashes.

    How do I make an entry on behalf of a junior or adult at risk?

      • Only over 18s are able to make an entry on the Active Networks entry system. Follow

    this link

      to the entry system and select the events you wish to enter the competitor in. The entry system will ask you for YOUR details (name, address, date of birth). Once your profile has been created you will be asked who you are making an entry for and will be prompted to enter the competitor’s details including their date of birth.

    Do British Rowing members get a discount on entry?

      Yes, British Rowing members are eligible for a 10% discount on their entry to BRVC. For this discount to apply you must be a current British Rowing member on the date of purchasing entry.

    How do I edit my entry?

      • Competitors are able to edit their entry up to the closing date, 12.00pm (BST) on Tuesday 31 August 2021. In order to do so, click the Edit button in the top right corner of the grey box in the confirmation email. If you enter on behalf of someone else you or are unable to make the change you want, please email

    [email protected]

    When can I buy merchandise?

      • Merchandise is available to buy on entry to the event. It will also be available to buy through the British Rowing


      . Please note that all merchandise is bought on a pre-order basis, British Rowing cannot guarantee you will receive your merchandise in advance of the event.

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