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Online Challenges

Racking up the miles on the rowing machine? See how they equate to some real distances by signing up and logging your distances in our online challenges through our friends at ReSport.



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Row the Distance

‘Row The Distance’ gives people the chance to sign-up to indoor rowing challenges online, complete them within a specified timeframe and receive a bespoke medal and certificate upon completion. As well as being a great way to get active and challenge yourself on the indoor rowing machine, it is also a fun way to boost training and reward the completion of goals.

The initiative launches with a wide range of medals and challenges available, including monthly and annual challenges and one off, unique challenge medals with themes such as James Bond, Row the Canyon, Row the Channel and Rowing the Atlantic.

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Why Go Row Indoor?

There are many great reasons to Go Row Indoor

Anyone can do it, it is great for core strength, efficient for fat burning and easy to learn and access.

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Ready to race?

There are lots of opportunities to compete.

From app challenges, to our annual British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC) and much more.

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