Further Guidance

Please have a look at this additional guidance on safety-related topics.

 Cold Water & Hypothermia Guidance

This free online module from RowHow will help you avoid becoming a casualty.

Boat Safety Checks

Find out how to do a rigorous check of your boat before each and every outing. Check out this video for more.

Control Commission Checklist

Report on Equipment Failures at events.

Dealing With Lightning

Developing an action plan for risk from lightning.

Competition Safety Checklist

A checklist for organisers of processional races and regattas, available in both PDF and Word document format.

Safety Basics Risk Assessment – Online Module

This free online module from RowHow will help you assess the risks of any rowing environment.


This information is only to be used for guidance and not to be treated as a definitive statement of the law as it currently stands. It was published in good faith and every effort has been made to ensure accuracy; however, British Rowing cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions.

Consult the relevant publications and websites.

Towing Guidance

Guidance for the transportation of oar-propelled racing boats.

Driving and Towing Limitations for Drivers

This flow chart explains the limitations for Category B drivers.

DVLA Towing Trailers Information – Licence Requirements

The licence requirements for towing trailers in Great Britain.

DVLA Minibus Information

A leaflet on the legal requirements.

Other Towing Resources

Government advice on towing accidents, the Caravan Club site and Ray Mallet’s guide to Rowing & Trailers.

Training Camps

Training Camp Checklist

Checklist for any training camps involving children can be found in Safeguarding Handbook 3.

Overseas Training Camps

Guidance on attending training camps abroad.


Basic Life Support

This poster covers basic life support and the recovery position. The techniques it describes have been endorsed by the Royal Life Saving Society UK.

Keeping a Good Lookout Poster – Eights

Avoiding collisions for eights.

Keeping a Good Lookout Poster – Fours

Avoiding collisions for fours.

Keeping a Good Lookout Poster – Single Scullers

Avoiding collisions.

The complete RowSafe Report

The entire report is here: Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing.

RowSafe Leaflet

This leaflet is a brief summary of safety procedures for both new and seasoned rowers.

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This document provides general guidance to clubs and their members on safe practice in rowing. It is however the responsibility of each club to maintain up-to-date risk assessments and define and monitor its own safety practices, guidance and procedures specific to its environment and activities, which clubs shall ensure are made known to their members…

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Collision Avoidance

Collisions can be avoided, and the first step in Collision Avoidance is to keep a good lookout. Find out the do's and don'ts of Collision Avoidance...

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Health and Fitness

Rowing both on and off the water is a great way to develop your fitness or to stay physically active.

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HRSA Monthly Report Archive

Monthly reports from British Rowing's Honorary Rowing Safety Advisor (HRSA)

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