Coxing / Steering Certificate

After completing the online Introduction to Coxing / Steering your club will want you to get as much time and experience on the water as possible.


They might want you to consider completing the Coxing / Steering Certificate. This is a self-guided learning resource for coxes/steerspeople with some experience and who would like to take their skill to the next level and test their ability. It is also an opportunity for clubs to assess the competence of the coxes / steerspeople.

Who is it for?

Coxes/steerspeople who have some experience in coxing/steering boats and who has ideally completed the online Introduction to Coxing / Steering.

How is the award structured?

This is self-guided and is done back at your club.

  • Your club will need to assign you a mentor who can assist you with your course work.
  • You should work through the workbook, asking your mentor or other people around your club for assistance. You may also need to do further research.
  • There is an assessment element to this award; the assessment should be conducted by someone at the club other than your mentor. It is recommended that the assessor should have a minimum of an Instructor’s Award or UKCC Level 2.
  • Upon successful completion of the assessment the club will issue you with a certificate, the Coxing / Steering Certificate.

The assessment sets out a list of the minimum competencies that a cox or steersperson would have to demonstrate, which are intended to provide a framework as to the minimal level of training that you should receive. Nearly all of the skills are common to both coxes and steerspeople.

Awarding the Coxing Certificate demonstrates that your club is satisfied that you are able to cox on your home water.

Awarding the Steering Certificate demonstrates that your club is satisfied that you are able to steer independently during training on your home water.

How long is the award?

Your mentor will determine the length of the learning process through ongoing assessment.


  • A workbook, available to download from RowHow.
  • A logbook.

The Coxing & Steering assessment is available to download from RowHow. This outlines the list of competencies that you should meet before being awarded with your certificate. It also outlines a basic skill progression for beginner coxes/steerspeople.

How much will it cost?

It is free for British Rowing members or RowHow subscribers.

Click here to start learning!

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