Coxes are responsible for the crew on the water, keeping a good lookout, steering the boat, issuing commands to the crew and motivating them, and more


It is an important role and skilled coxes can make a big difference to how a crew rows.

Where does the cox sit in a rowing boat?

Eights and octuple sculls are always coxed, and the cox in these boats sits in the stern, facing the stroke rower.

Coxed fours can have the coxing position either in the stern - as in an eight - or under the bow canvas or deck. These boats are known as 'front loaders'.

Find out more about coxing

You can read articles on various aspects of how to cox, how to coach coxes and how to cherish coxes in the coxing section of British Rowing Plus.

Coxing workshops for clubs

British Rowing’s coxing ‘workshops’ are a set of free resources that clubs can use to train and assess the basic competencies of coxes. The materials comprise:

  • Tutor resources: a presentation and tutor notes
  • Learner resources: a handbook, workbook and log book
  • A completion certificate.

There are versions for coxing classic rowing, fixed seat rowing and coastal rowing.

The coxing workshop materials can be download in RowHow, our Education and Training portal.

Access the Coxing Workshop

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